Friday, May 06, 2011

News for Today - Cannes 2011

Finally today information, synopsis, photos and some videos (mainly scenes) are up at the official site and yes, have spend almost the complete day reading/watching everything that's available plus updating posts at MOC.

New at MOC are the Short Films in competition at Cannes Shorts with a few already having quite nice to watch trailers. As has been happening since the Selection was announced I'm quite surprised by the large amount of female directors and have to comment on it and will as soon as I count the many films by female filmmakers.

Tomorrow will do at MOC the Cinefondation Selection of Short Films and will do the specific post that's still pending but now is very easy to do it at both blogs.

On other news in five days the TV Festival will start to broadcast live (but we have to watch recordings) of everything Cannes. For 12 days the channel will cover the Opening Ceremony, the press conferences (dying to watch again Almodovar, the last one was a blast), the photo calls (with so many Hollywood stars and "good cinema" actors I'm sure will be fun to watch), the red carpets (of course will watch Johnny Depp), and all the other news specials. Live transmission will start on May 11 at 6:15pm (local time) with the news before the Opening Ceremony red carpet.

Just for fun and maybe to remember the good times from previous festivals here is the 2011 trailer from TV Festival de Cannes.

Last, think that for the first time will do a post for the Agency for Independent Cinema and its Distribution (ACID) that's another parallel event to Cannes which is dedicated only to the screening of independent films both feature films as well as short films. If you can't wait go here but info is available only in French.

So this is it for today. Cheers!

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