Friday, November 27, 2009


An uneven drama by Jesus Garay that at moments tries too hard to be arty and annoys with the long takes where nothing is really happening; but also has some very good moments when finally Asia and Eloïse get together.

Tells the story of Asia and how she discovered her sexual self. The story intertwines present and recent plus not so recent past which is not a bad idea as otherwise the film would have been a true tragedy and the director would have not been able to ease the end the way he did. Still the story is tragic, but once all the lead and secondary characters are thoroughly introduced you will enjoy how Asia (Diana Gómez) and Eloïse (Ariadna Cabrol) slowly fall in love and for me this is the value of this story and film.

If it wasn’t for the few very good moments with Asia and Eloïse romance, I will tell you that the movie is not really worth watching as acting is not in the good side, camera languishes too much on Asia and production values are not that good. But because those moments I do recommend this movie to many that read the blog. New lesbian cinema releases have been very slow lately, so I suggest to go ahead and give this 2009 movie a try.

I can’t say that I disliked the movie, but I can’t say that I like it. In the lesbian interest genre is an okay movie, better that many really bad; but not as good as many really good. I believe that has a weak story, weak acting, weak director and the only good thing is the editing to ease the tragedy. I believe the movie put me in a down mood, so if you enjoy only happy movies, I suggest to avoid it until the you find the right moment to watch it.


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