Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Water Horse

A nice movie to watch for entertaining purposes with a good cast that performs very credible this fantasy about the famous legend of the Loch Ness monster with a twist set in WWII-era Scotland. I wasn’t expecting much and definitively I got a nice and engaging story as the “monster” is truly lovable and cute.

The film tells about a man telling a couple of tourist a story about a boy, Angus, that finds an egg, taking it back to the estate where he lives with his housekeeper mom Anne (great Emily Watson) and his sister. When a purplish creature resembling a baby dinosaur hatches from the egg, Angus immediately decides to adopt the lovely little pet that starts to grow at an alarming rate. To complicate matters British soldiers arrive to prevent German submarines entering the loch and hard-drinking and mysterious handyman Lewis Mowbry (great Ben Chaplin) comes two days late to work in the estate. The somehow predictable story of coming-of-age evolves with funny turns and great twist to entertain us until the end.

A very nice family movie that got 5 nominations in genre awards and fest, most for Alex Etel that plays Angus quite well, even when some special effects are too much to believe them his performance helps you to fast remember that this is a fantasy and you should not rationalize much and just enjoy it.

Not very often I give a try to films like this one, but this was a prefect movie to relax and have a very nice enjoyable time.


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