Friday, December 05, 2008

Óscar. Una Pasión Surrealista (Oscar: The Color of Destiny)

You know me that keep on watching movies about painters and I’m about to give up as seems that directors and writers do not really know how to tell stories based on the real life of painters.

This time was less famous, but very important in French Surrealism, Spanish Oscar Domínguez that was contemporary of more famous Spanish painters like Dalí and Picasso; and a friend of writer, poet and theorist André Breton best known as the main founder of Surrealism. His life seems colorful, bohemian and had a terrible illness elephantiasis (that is not shown in the movie) that seems was enough material to make a compelling drama. But the director and writers chose to include another story set in current time about a woman dying and looking for the lost and last masterpiece by Domínguez that just was not credible and didn’t help at all the bio side of the story.

Definitively this Lucas Fernandez film is boring to say it simply as there is nothing really interesting in the stories, the tech specs and performances are overacted by well-known actors like Joaquim de Almeida (Oscar), Victoria Abril, Emma Suarez and Jorge Perugorria.

I got interested in the movie because Emma Suarez character Eva is lesbian and falls for Ana (Victoria Abril), but not even this plot was credible or interesting. So, if you never have heard about this movie and/or have it in your skip list I suggest you keep it there, as definitively is a not to be seen movie.

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