Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Las 13 Rosas (13 Roses)

Seems that this Emilio Martínez Lázaro film was opportunely released in Spain and was acclaimed more because it tells a relevant story in a relevant political situation at the moment of its release. But, as a movie tells a story some of us already know happened not only in Spain but also in other countries and has below average tech specs, as looks and feels below a made for TV movie.

Based on true events tells about thirteen young women that were the first to be executed after Franco wins the Spain Civil War. This is a story that is noteworthy not only in Spain but elsewhere and it is truly disappointing that the adaptation is so mediocre as does not allow time to develop the characters, gives fragmented glimpses of the life of perhaps four or five women only and totally lacks dramatic development that ends up in losing interest and lack of credibility in many scenes.

I’m familiar with the true incidents and have seen the memorial at the Almudena cemetery in Madrid, so I was hoping for a dramatic and touching story of a terrible moment in the history of Spain. I was totally disappointed by the screenplay, the directing, the editing, the below average performances (some actresses were dubbed and you can tell) and an end product that made a good story totally uninteresting and forgettable.

The movie has some wins and nominations at only Spain awards, suggesting once more that this was a controversial film in Spain, but not elsewhere. I cannot recommend this movie and if you’re interested in learning about these true events my best suggestion is to read the book by Carlos Fonseca called Las Trece Rosas Rojas.

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