Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Große Mädchen Weinen Nicht (Big Girls Don’t Cry)

This 2002 film is a very good and provocative drama about two childhood friends that their friendship is tested, as they become teens. But this German teen movie explores deeper and show us how some of the teenager acts are totally related to parents behavior.

Written and directed by Maria von Heland this is one story that will keep you interested with everything that happens and has characters that at one moment you dislike and in front of your eyes they transform and obtain your sympathy.

Performances by both lead actresses Anna Maria Mühe as Kati and Karoline Herfurth as Steffi are compelling and very credible as they step from childhood into adulthood. Some American teen viewers have seen it and they like it;I think is because the way they tell the story seems very impartial, not taking sides, just telling situations and leaving viewers to get their own perceptions and answers. So, do not think that this is a simple movie with a simple story as it is not.

The movie as a movie is not a masterpiece but has good production values that will not distract your attention from the story the movie is telling.

This is a movie that I do recommend to teen audiences and teens parents; but I also recommend to anyone that wants to see a good teen drama with total European cinema style.


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