Monday, August 27, 2007


After all the great movies I have seen that make my emotions and brain spin around, I decided that I have to take it easy and go back to some simple entertainment. So, I chose Next.

To my surprise is a very entertaining movie with a beginning that promises a good story and somehow it delivers, even if in the middle the movie becomes sort of slow and meaningless –sort of you have to have the beautiful girl for the lead man-, but with the very unexpected end, the middle makes more sense. Yeah, just like that, as I said it.

I believe this movie has a wide audience as has lots of action, a sort of romance and some thrills with very nice editing to give a great sense of the future in the short takes. Can't say more or I'll give the unexpected end.

Nicolas Cage stars as Cris, a Las Vegas magician with the Frank Cadillac stage name that really can see the future and just not do only magic tricks, but he does it for about a 2-minute window and only with events related to his life. That’s it until he meets Liz (Jessica Biel) and Agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) who tries to use his power to save the world… well, not the world but the southwest part of California. Julianne performance is acceptable and Jessica really cannot act.

The end is the best part of the movie as it leaves you wanting to see more, but the director Lee Tamahori and the screen players did an extremely good job by finishing the movie as they did so you, the viewer, want more. Very Good.

Then be aware that most American critics and some viewers did not like the movie, while some European critics and viewers did enjoy it. So then it may not be for all audiences after all.

Anyway I enjoyed it and relaxed after those intensive movies I have been seeing lately. This is nice entertainment and if you wish to have some fantasy for about 90 minutes, then give it a try.

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