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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Semaine de la Critique

These are the movies in the Selection for the 2007 edition of the Critic’s Week that will run from August 3 to to 10th, within the 2007 Locarno Film Festival.

Allien In vier Waendern, Alexandra Westmeier, Germany - a portrait of several children and teenagers guilty of different transgressions that spend time in a minors prison.

Zu Fuss Nach Santiago de Compostela, Bruno Moll, Switzerland and Poland – a very particular road movie that follows a nearly three months trip toward the tomb of the apostle John at Santiago de Compostela.

One Minute to Nine, Tommy Davis, USA – Follows Wendy that killed her husband.

El Paraíso de Hafner, Günter Schwaiger, Austria and Spain – SS officer Rainer Maria Hafner immigrates to Spain in the 50’s.

Lynch, blackANDwhite, USA, Denmark and Norway – An insider look to David Lynch universe.

La Reina del Condón, Silvana Ceschi and Reto Stamm, Sweden and Ireland – A German woman that in the ‘60s goes to Cuba; twenty years later starts a sexual revolution in the island.

Los Ladrones Viejos, Everardo Gonzalez , Mexico – The story of Efrain Alcaraz Montes de Oca, alias “El Carrizo”.

Have to say that this is one of the strangest selections I have ever seen, but I am definitively puzzled by all the movies.

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