Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This Sally Potter film based on the 1928 Virginia Wolf novel is a truly surreal trip lead by a wonderful Tilda Swinton that plays Orlando as man and as a woman. Tells the story of Orlando that was ordered by Queen Elizabeth I to remain young and he did for 400 years without aging a day, until she was finally happy and became a mortal.

The most spectacular costumes complement this travel in time and Swinton performance is as her best. There is a plethora of quotes in this film that stick to your mind, most are quite funny like when The Khan says, “It has been said to me that the English make a habit of collecting… countries” or when the narrators tells about Orlando living for 400 years and “This is England, no one will notice” and when Orlando becomes a woman and says “Same person. No difference at all… just different sex”. Really sharp dialogue.

This film has 2 Academy Awards nominations and won 8 awards and 4 nominations in other international awards and festivals.

Definitively not for all audiences, as even if is a beautiful movie, is surrealistic both visually and storytelling

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