Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ne le dis à Personne (Tell No One)

What a magnificent thriller that will keep you the entire movie at the edge of your seat! Unbelievable that you can watch more than three quarters of the movie and have NO idea of who did what. They give bits of information to keep you tense and interested, but never give away any clue about what is going on and when you think that he did it, well think again as nothing unravels easily in this movie. Besides being hard to manage a story this way and succeed in doing it, the movie moves at a pace where you have very little time to think beyond what you are seeing. Obviously this happens if you are NOT one of the 6+ million people that have read the book, like I am.

Based on the novel by Harlan Coben the movie tells the story of Alex a pediatrician that eight years ago had his wife murdered in perplexing circumstances. They knew each other since they were kids and he could not forget her, as she was the love of his life. Just days before the anniversary of her death, Alex receives disturbing emails that indicate his wife may be alive and from there on everything is like a puzzle with many pieces that you have difficult time placing them correctly.

Co written and directed by actor turned director Guillaume Canet this screenplay is probably one of the most interesting adaptations, as the novel is very American and from watching this movie you can believe that is an original French story. Then Canet brilliantly complements the suspense of the story with outstanding direction.

All performances are just great by a strong cast lead by François Cluzet that plays Alex Beck and for his performance he won the 2007 César, Lumière Award and Etoile d’Or for best actor.

My surprise was to find here Kristin Scott Thomas, an actress I follow and see her playing the role of the wife of Alex sister, Anne Beck played by no other one than Marina Hands from Lady Chatterley.

This movie has 8 awards and 5 nominations in French Awards, including the ones that Francois Cluzet won and the 2007 César to Guillame Canet for best director among others.

This thriller is so good that some French viewers commented that for sure there will be an American remake and Dustin Hoffman will play Alex. I am sharing this with you because first Cluzet really looks like Hoffman and second because Harlan Coben had sold the rights to Hollywood but they decided not to do it and gave back the rights to Coben; then he was able to sell them to Canet and us lucky viewers are able to watch a marvelous thriller with no Hollywood in it.

Do not miss this movie.

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