Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Mistress of Spices

As some of you loyal readers know by now, I really like Aishwayra Rai and will watch any movie she is in, as she always is extremely beautiful.

Unfortunately she did this movie and I do not understand why she did it, as for the first time she does not look her beautiful self in this terrible and silly movie. The camera was so badly handled, that made a beautiful woman look not good.

The story is set in San Francisco and reminds me of another silly movie with Penelope Cruz, Woman On Top. There most be something with movies set in San Francisco and great non-American actresses, like a curse or something like that.

Stranger is that Gurinder Chadha, which directed the beautiful Bride and Prejudice, co wrote the script with his real life husband Paul Mayeda Berges that also directs this mess.

The story is magical and could have been beautiful portrayed, but the script is weak and the director vision destroys the story and the movie. Also casting Dylan McDermott was another huge mistake.

Hope that Aish did this movie just because of her friendship with Gurinder Chadha and that next time she checks very well the script of the western movie before accepting the role.

Do not bother to watch this movie.

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