Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

I am one of those common viewers that will watch everything where Nicolle Kidman is in and consequently I have seen everything that has been released, the good and the bad. I should say that her later non-traditional Hollywood movies are getting better and better, as I am one of the few that liked Birth.

I was not disappointed with Nicole in this film that has more than Nicole in it and I knew it before seeing the movie. The director is Steven Shainberg and to me this means good risky non-Hollywood stories (remember 2002 The Secretary?) and he also didn’t disappoint me. Then Robert Downey Jr. most of the time does strange (good strange) roles and he is always great in those roles; he did not disappoint me neither.

Last we had Diane Arbus. Before I continue and just in case you do not know who Diane Arbus is let me share with you that is one of the most influential American photographers of last century and very controversial because of the nature of her photographs. If you are thinking about seeing this movie is a must that you know the photographer and her work before watching.

So, what happens when you get all this talent together? One of the most fascinating fables, visually impressive –especially upstairs- and a fascinating film that will take you into a unexpected ride of tenderness, love and fascination for the bizarre.

The movie tells the imaginary story of the liberation of Diane Arbus from a privileged upbringing and a sedate marriage, and is told in the most unique way that makes you think that it could be close, if not to reality, to what she had in her mind.

The performances by Kidman and Downey Jr. are impressive, especially Downey that acts with his eyes!!

This is a movie that you will like it or hate it, there is no middle ground here; has very little Hollywood as the pace is slow in the right places allowing you to live what is going on –specially the first time Kidman goes upstairs- and with the medium shots and few long shots definitively not typical of an American movie.

This movie is not for all audiences, this is not even an art or art house film, this is for those that take risks and watch movies that are not ordinary.

Last I have to admit that when I first learned that there was going to be a character with lots of hair, I was very reluctant to watch it as I imagined… do not know what exactly, but something very disgusting. After watching the movie I can tell you that is not disgusting at all and with Downey acting abilities you almost forget all the hair.

Hope some of you readers take a risk and see this movie.

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