Saturday, June 09, 2007

CQ2 (Seek You Too)

I have seen Carol Laure in quite a few films, but this is the first time I see a movie that she directed as well as write and produced. It is her second time as a director and she did a movie that is moving and beautiful.

Tells the story of Rachel a confused, angry and scared teenager whose parents made her choose between them when they split. Raised by her mother and abused by her mother's boyfriend she leaves the maternal home to find a woman that helps her with her first steps toward maturity.

Like a critic says “only a female director could tell this story of female adolescent torment in such a powerful intimate and sensuous way”. I borrow his words as I totally agree and add that this is also a drama about women and their lives.

Then Laure manages to integrate into the story modern dance and you will see the most beautiful choreographies and one special and very sensual pas de deux. I know that modern dance is not easy to appreciate, but here from the scenes in the jail up to the last dance all are totally integrated into the narrative and in the end modern dance looks organic and accessible. Which is very hard to accomplish.

Great and believable performance by Clara Furey as Rachel that makes you truly believe that she is a great dancer and she is as beautiful as her real-life mother, which is no other than Carole Laure.

The movie is the winner of the Grand Golden Rail at 2004 Cannes.

A drama that I feel it is for all audiences and a must be seen for those who love modern dance.

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