Friday, October 24, 2008

Nights in Rodanthe

I was trying to remember the last American cinema romance movie I have seen and I can hardly remember, but since I started this blog I have to say that seems like this is the first one. That means that the last one I had to see it at least a little more than two years ago. That’s a long time ago and seems like Hollywood is not doing romance movies that often.

Based on a novel with the same name by Nicholas Sparks, who also wrote The Notebook, A Walk to Remember and Message in a Bottle, this George C Wolfe movie was surely to be a sad and touching romance story. Well, it’s sad but not that much and then I didn’t drop one tear but then I haven’t cry with any of the other Sparks stories movies.

According to me the story is about two damaged people that do not know they are damaged until they meet and learn that there is a kind of love that gives you courage to be better than you are, not less than you are. And that’s what happen when two mature adults meet, housewife ex-artist Adrienne Willis (Diane Lane) and doctor Paul Flanner (Richard Gere).

The movie has very nice setting at a house in a beautiful North Carolina beach, so photography is just great; but this is a movie to watch only because the romance and the two great looking actors that give an acceptable performance, especially Diane Lane.

Obviously the story it’s quite predictable, as rapidly you know that there is no other way to end the story to make it interesting and credible. So, no big surprises here, except for the hurricane scenes that were so surprisingly similar to a real hurricane sounds.

The natural target of this movie is women, but there are some male viewers with positive comments and daring enough to admit to have dropped a tear or two. Not a masterpiece, but after so long not seeing one American cinema romance movie, I have to admit that I did enjoyed watching it.


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