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Thursday, April 25, 2019

27th L'ACID Selection

ACID (Association for the Distribution of Independent Cinema) is a film directors association that has been promoting the distribution of independent cinema in movie theaters since 1992.  Their founding principle: the support brought by filmmakers to other filmmakers, French or foreign.

ACID filmmakers follow their love for film and wish to give visibility to directors whose work is scarcely distributed,  in order to facilitate a theatrical release.

The ACID program at Cannes International Film Festival was created in 1993. Films are chosen by fifteen or so filmmakers, members of the association.   The following are the filmmakers who chose the current selection.

Sylvie Ballyot, Aurélia Barbet, Marta Bergman, Michaël Dacheux, Marina Déak, Delphine Deloget, Jean-Louis Gonnet, Diego Governatori, Hanna Ladoul, Marco La Via, Vladimir Perišić, Clément Schneider, Idir Serghine, Christian Sonderegger, Laure Vermeersch.

The ACID program is shown at Palais des festivals and Les Arcades, Studio 13, Alexandre III, movie theaters in Cannes.  The screeners, open to professionals and also to the public, are all followed by Q&As with films' crew and ACID filmmakers who support the films.

The 2019 edition of L'ACID screens 9 films, seven (7) are first feature films and there are four  (4) documentaries plus four (4) films are by female directors.   Will run from Wednesday, May 15 to Friday, May 24.

L'Angle mort, Pierre Trividic and Patrick Mario Bernard, France
Des Hommes, Alice Odiot and Jean-Robert Viallet, France (documentary) (1st film)
Indianara, Marcelo Barbosa and Aude Chevalier-Beaumel, Brazil (documentary) (1st film)
Kongo, Hadrien La Vapeur and Corto Vaclav, France (documentary) (1st film)
Mickey and the Bear, Annabelle Attanasio, USA (1st film)
Rêves de jeunesse (Youth Dreams), Alain Raoust, France and Portugal
Solo, Artemio Benki, France, Czech Republic, Austria and Argentina (documentary) (1st film)
Take Me Somewhere Nice, Ena Sendijarević, Netherlands and Bosnia Herzegovina (1st film)
Vif-argent, Stéphane Batut, France (1st film)

L'ACID TRIP#3 Argentine
ACID TRIP was launched at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and will focus on Argentinian cinema in partnership with Argentinian filmmakers of the PCI.

For this third ACID TRIP, we travel onto the grounds of Argentinian cinema. Away from the landscapes of Buenos Aires, towards cities and places less familiar. Wandering through different filmic genres: a thriller, a beach house comedy and a strangely realistic fantasy. A father/daughter relationship muddled with drug trafficking, a coming of age tale of parents struggling to grow up, a trio of buddies brought together by the grace of an alien. A panorama of the borders which Argentinian cinema thrives to expand, where center and margins question each other. Three fictions flirting with reality, to grasp this territory in the here and now, between economical difficulties and strong visual desires.
Naruna Kaplan de Macedo, Frédéric Ramade, Kathy Sebbah, ACID filmmakers

Breve Historia del Planeta Verde (Brief Story from the Green Planet), Santiago Loza, Argentina
Las Vegas, Juan Villegas, Argentina
Sangre Blanca, Barbara Sarasola-Day, Argentina

To check films info at official site go here and click film name, a window will open.  Check more info for each film at official facebook page here, available in French with some English translations.

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