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Day 3 at #Cannes2017

The third day starts with yesterday's news as the most talked buzz is (again) about Netfllix as at yesterday's press screening "something" went wrong and after about 7 minutes the screen went black when film was stopped generating loud boos from critical press audience.  The incident generated lots of speculations including an "anti-Netflix conspiracy"; but incident was resolved with an apology from festival organizers that read as follows:

A technical problem disrupted the beginning of the screening of Bong Joon Ho's film, Okja, which was shown this morning at a press screening at the Lumiere Auditorium . The session was interrupted fora  few minutes but was then able to carry on as normal. This incident was entirely the responsibility of the Festival's technical service, which offers its apologies to the director, his teams, the producers and the audience at the showing.

Down below will include the full press release as if you read French then will notice subtle changes to the English translation.

Yesterday was a long day for me as wanted to know everything about one of three movies I'm most interested plus there was the Quinzaine opening film; fortunately today will be less stressful as films screening today are alright, nothing special for me.

In general, today's film generated low press buzz, so much that this morning most are already talking about tomorrow's screenings (!).  Obviously the Netflix incident stole the buzz from cinema into something that has nothing to do with what the festival celebrates.

Official Selection


Okja by Bong Joon-ho

Extremely HAPPY as soon will see movie thanks to Netflix NO-WINDOWS policy. Will not spend much time on this film by one of my favorite contemporary Korean directors with a cast that includes one of my favorite actresses, Tilda Swinton (watch everything with her) and yes, do not mind that cast also includes Jake Gyllenhaal and Lily Collins.  Positive reactions after press screening also helps me to get excited as there is a possibility that film is good and perhaps less commercial cinema; but actually I do not mind as yes, end up watching lots of films that will never see elsewhere, just because they're in Netflix (lol), like -for example- last night saw a Czech film about Goebbels Czech mistress.

Press Reactions
Most yesterday's reactions and today's reviews are on the very-positive side even when many declare "sadness" that film will not be seen in theaters and will be "relegated to ipad's". What??? Seems not many want to admit that streaming does not not mean only small gadgets; see, from my iphone can send video to my TV and same happens from my ipad. So, I see streaming movies from Netflix and others in my TV which obviously is HUGE (lol!).

Nevertheless, mos reactions go to the positive side but what calls my attention is the ones leaning to the not-positive side are mostly in the English-language even when some do not come from American people.

On the Positive side
-Bong Joon-ho's Okja is a wonderful family action-adventure in the spirit of Roald Dahl, Melissa Mathison and Dodie Smith. Peter Bradshaw-The Guardian, UK
-Bong Joon Ho delivers his E.T. with a delightful tale of a mutant pig. Eric Kohn- IndieWire, USA
-Bong Joon-ho’s superpig drama #Okja mixes artfully unhinged spectacle with meat-biz reality check. Trevor Johnston - Sight&Sound,UK
-Fantastic beasts and how to kidnap them. Stephen Dalton-THR, USA
-Okja et sa farandole d’émotion fait putain de rire et pleurer, comme d’habitude chez Bong Joon-ho. Fabuleux <3. Daniel Andreyev - Le Monde, France
-Si tous les films militants pouvaient être aussi farcesques, parodiques et faussement désinvolte qu'Okja<3. Claire Micallef, France
-Spectaculaire, drôle, intelligent et émouvant, Okja est un film écologiste grandiose. Merci Bong Joon-ho. Dom Maury Lasmatres, France
-#Netflix réussit son entrée à Cannes. #Okja est un conte emballant, excentrique et lucide sur son époque. Bravo Bong Joon Ho. Mehdi Omaïs - Les Cinevores, France
-Okja was fantastic, so fresh. An unifentified filming object, a mix between Miyazaki, Spielberg, Wes Anderson and k-comedies. César del Giudice, USA
-OKJA, Quel grand film... Je suis en larmes, encore. Aurelien C Teaser, Cinemateaser, France
-Fabuleux #Okja. Emouvant, burlesque, politique et furieusement vener. Le conte dont l'époque a besoin. Renan Cros - Trois Coleurs, France
-#Netflix ou pas, #Okja est un excellent film. Marie-Laure Rolland - Wort, Luxembourg
-Okja, le film Netflix qui commence sous les huées des journalistes et qui s'achève par une salve d'applaudissements. Laure Croiset - Toutlecine, France
-Dear #Netflix, bring #Okja to every theatre &introduce her to all the kids, she so deserves it. Hadn’t cried that much since Dumbos mom. Karelle Fitoussi
-Tout est bien qui fini bien. #Okja est applaudi à la fin et j'ai plus du tout envie de manger de viande. Matthieu REnard-Pure People, France
-Wowza. Never seen anything like Okja before, one-of-a-kind film. If this doesn't make you go vegetarian, I don't know what will. Alex Billington-First Showing, Berlin

On the Not Positive side
-Okja contains the best and worst of Bong. Loved the 1st half, but his ability to balance wildly divergent tones eventually fails him here. Bilge Ebiri-Village Voice, NY
-While most of the audience booed #netflix at #okja screening, we should rather think of WHY such a great film was only financed by them. Beatrice Behn-Kino Zeit, Germany

Some photos from today's events: photocall, press conference and red carpet. Enjoy!

Film score competes for the Cannes Sountrack Award and here is what was posted today.
Today the film Okja, by Bong Joon-Ho is presented for the official competition. South-Korean director (The Host, Mother, Snowpiercer) called upon Michael Abels, american composer who recently made the score of Get Out (Jordan Peele). 

Jupiter holdja (Jupiter's Moon) by Kornél Mundruczó

Please note that film has officially changed name to Jupiter Holdja.  Director is a by now a Cannes regular but me, I'm not really attracted to this film and now after learning press reactions interest did not increase and went even lower -sigh.  The only things that probably will make me see film are the stunning visuals and the use of tech specs.

Press Reactions
Was not able to find something positive about film as most -if not all- reactions tend to go to the not positive side of the espectrum.

On the NOT Positive side
- incredibly ambitious but also, at times, uneven work. Boyd van Hoeij-THR, Europe 
-Ambitious parable about a flying refugee never quite takes off. Peter Bradshaw-The Guardian, UK
-... the heavy burden of the subject matter ends up weighing the film down and playing on a fairly repetitive loop with slight dramatic variations. Fabien Lemercier-Cineuropa
-As visually arresting as Kornél Mundruczó’s latest film “Jupiter’s Moon” undoubtedly is, it remains too intellectually imprisoned within its own allegorical confines to make a truly positive impact. Nikola Grozdanovi-The Playlist-IndieWire, USA
-Una película sobre un refugiado sirio que vuela y cura en su paso por Hungría es la trama de este absurdo e irresponsable filme de supuesto realismo mágico y compromiso humanitario que está misteriosamente en competencia en el festival. Diego Lerer-Micropsia, Argentina

A photo from the photocall session.

Film score is competing for Cannes Soundtrack Award and here is what was posted today.
Today, Jupiter's Moon by Kornel Mundruczo is presented for official competition. Powerful tragedy about everyday life of refugees in Hungary, the soundtrack is composed and performed by Jed Kurzel, leader the Australian band The Mess Hall. 

Un Certain Regard
There are two films in this section today:  Lerd (A Man of Integrity) by Mohammad Rasoulof and Aala Ka Ifrit (Beauty and the Dogs) by Kaouther Ben Hani.  Both seem to have strong stories but not attracted to films as a complete cinematic experience.

Some photos from A Man of Integrity first, and Beauty and the Dogs second.

Special Screenings
They by Anahita Ghazvinizadeh
Very curious about this film that's produced by none other than Jane Campion and feel relief to learn that film got positive reactions from reliable press coverage like Screen Daily that says "a mature and moving story of childhood, growth and identity"; always considers "the fact that the actor is transitioning from female to male results in a performance that is achingly naturalistic".  Film is competing for the Camera d'Or and also for the Queer Palm.

Visages Villages by Agnès Varda and JR
Yes, has to be very interesting from the artistic point of view.  This is a project that should travel the world. Must-be-seen.

Midnight Screenings
A Prayer Berfore Dawn by Jean-Stephane Sauvaire
Beautiful poster but film is too-violent for me. Sigh.

Cannes Classics
Today section will screen the following films.
Körhinta by Zoltan Fabri
Yol-The Full Version by Yılmaz Güney and Şerif Gören
Le Salaire de la peur by Henri-Georges Clouzot
Filmworker by Tony Zierra (documentary)
Ai No Korida (In the Realm of the Senses) by Nagisa Ôshima (milestone film for me, if you haven't seen suggest you do ASAP)

Cinéma de la Plage: Bugsy Malone by Alan Parker

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs

L'Amant d'Un Jour (Lover for a Day) by Philippe Garrel
The last installment from the trilogy that started with Jealousy followed by In the Shadow of Women that the only thing calling my attention is film lead, Esther Garrel, the director's daughter and sister to Louis Garrel.

A Ciambra by Jonas Carpignano
Not really enjoyed his first films and seems his second even when seems to have an interesting story, a delinquent becomes a movie star, doesn't appeal to me. Sigh.

Semaine de la Critique

Ava by Léa Mysius
Positive reactions stimulate me to get interested in this film by a female director with female leads. Let's hope film makes it beyond festival.

Women in Motion
Today the conversation was with Isabelle Huppert!  There is a nice article here with Huppert qoutes from the talk, available only in Frech


-Today the Creative Europe Media stand opened with the presentation of Producing Becoming Cary Grant and the presentation of European Cinema vs The Filter Bubble.
-Yesterday read the terrible news about the passing of Kim Ji-seok after suffering a heart attack in Cannes. He was Busan Festival Deputy Director, a founding member of the festival and also the festival's executive programmer.
-Tonight at the Film Industry Professionals gala dinner Pierre Lescure and Thierry Fremaux will pay tribute to Jeffrey Katzenberg for his contribution to the animation industry and to film in general throughout the world.  He will also be presented with an Honorary Palme.  Check press release here.

Irreverent News
-Fench Cinema was shining bright like a diamond yesterday at the Unifrance, Chopard and Madame Figaro dinner.  Yes, is the one where Rihanna stole the show (lol) and yes, is where she launched her Chopard Jewelry collection.  Check photo down below as she looks like a true movie star, very elegant or like what a headline says: Rihanna exudes old-school Hollywood glamour.
-Tonight the Villa Schweppes is happening, there are quite a lot of photos with unknown people (LOL).


Incident Press Release

Juliette Binoche at Okja red carpet

Rihanna at last night dinner

Nice Lilly and Jake photo

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