Tuesday, February 07, 2017

#Oscars Class of 2017

Always talk about the American schools tradition of the annual class group photo for the school yearbook and me having my own collection from my high-school years; those are good memories from a time when you were no child anymore but were not an adult yet.  Alright that's not what happens at the Academy annual Nominees Luncheon but as the world goes more and more backwards, it gives me permission to go back to the good old innocent times.  Sigh.

So, going back to reality, yesterday the Academy had their annual luncheon and below is the infamous photo in the highest resolution I was able to find, so you can zoom photo without getting too-many pixels.

Unlike last year, photo seems to have a lot more people as there are quite a few foreigners even when next Sunday BAFTA has their award ceremony and many you see here, will show at BAFTA's red carpet on Sunday.  Nevertheless, this year, according to industry press, there were 163 nominees attending the lunch (seems they were expecting 165, so not bad, isn't) held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Here are some of the many photos available in the net.

First, we have what many are calling "The Help" reunion with Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone and Viola Davis.  I see one sure Oscar win and another, maybe.

Hollywood looks a lot better when Isabelle Huppert is all over the events (!!!)

Natalie Portman was sitting down, good for her as calling all nominees has a very long time standing and yes, she's still pregnant (!) making me wonder if she will make it to the Oscars... Matt Damon is also in photo as he's nominated as Manchester by the Sea producer.

Last here is a video from AP with a the moment the class photo was taken, enjoy!

Check Isabelle Huppert moment ... starts at 0:44

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