Friday, February 10, 2017

Day 1 #Berlinale2017

The opening ceremony was fun to watch because really enjoy Anke Engelke humor style and her jokes were so sharp that made me laugh loud. Here is one example when she asked international guests: "Are you here for the festival? Or is someone keeping you from going back to your home country?" That got big laugh.

Most surprising is me paying attention to Germany's officials speeches with direct comments about two infamous world leaders that made me quiver and wonder where is this world going ... sigh. See, when they talk about John F. Kennedy's famous Berlin speech and about something only Berlin has lived in recent history: walls that divide people, I pay attention.

But the best part of any festival opening ceremony is when they show the film clips and Berlinale 2017 was no exception with three clip sections between speeches. The clips gave me the impression that there are a few films that will be visually interesting and when add what I read about story plus what I know about the director they become most-be-seen for me.

Blog readers know about my blind love for Aki Kaurismäki so my excitement for a new movie by the master filmmaker is no surprise for anyone, can't wait to see The Other Side of Hope as in clip in collage plus trailer I can see his particular and peculiar storytelling style, visual coldish styling, and incredibly breathtaking deadpan performances. But there are other movies that called my attention and will check press reactions to define if will watch them or not.

Berlinale 2017 Competition: Django by Etienne Comar

After the opening ceremony the jury plus guests watched the festival opening film that I'm more interesting in watching because Cécile De France than because director, other actors and story; so know eventually will check film to see if press reactions, they had an earlier screening, represent what I see in movie or not. In a nugget, seems press liked film but find film didn't take many risks which is somehow expected from a first-feature director. Perhaps most not-so-positive critiques go to the storytelling as seems didn't focus on Django Reinhardt jazz musician and got dispersed into making Django Reinhardt a hero, which we all know is a well-known too-much explored territory in Nazi era filmmaking storytelling.

Press reactions
-Étienne Comar’s film is a very well-made biopic, loaded yet spirited, which pays tribute to the figure of Django Reinhardt, taking us with him into a kind of film made "to make us dream". Cineuropa
-Jjazz great's war story fails to find its rhythm. The Guardian UK
-Django dazzles despite striking a few flat notes - indiewire USA
-For a biopic about a jazz musician whose music and personality had the power to set hearts afire and toes tapping, Django plays as a disappointingly staid and conventional affair. Slant USA
-Django ne risque hélas pas trop de permettre aux mentalités d’évoluer, ne serait-ce qu’à cause de l’absence d’éléments nouveaux et d’une sensibilité originale, susceptibles de faire la différence. Critique film France
-Non è un biopic, non è un film sul manouche-jazz, non è un film storico sull'occupazione nazista e neppure un film sulla persecuzione dei nomadi; ... Non è un film problematico e neanche un film di quelli che indispone, però che film è Django? Un romanzetto ... Cineforum Italy
-Una ópera prima correcta, pero al mismo tiempo muy convencional que no profundiza demasiado en la vida ni en la música del celebrado intérprete y compositor. Otros Cines Argentina
-Etienne Comar não filmou a vida de Django Reinhardt, mas meteu-o num convencionalíssimo filme de guerra que é uma das mais desinspiradas aberturas de Berlim em anos. A música é boa, mas o filme é fraco. Publico Portugal

Clip from Django Press Conference

Jury Photocall and Press Conference

Clip from Opening Ceremony Red Carpet


The Jury

Opening Ceremony - Anke Engelke

Django photocall, press conference, red carpet

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