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64th San Sebastian Film Festival Lineup - Update 1

Update 1 with Jury members of the three competitive sections listed below.  Zabaltegi films and jury are not listed below, but it's worth mentioning that is the section's first competitive year and jurors are, Spanish filmmaker Virginia García del Pino (chair), Uruguayan filmmaker Federico Veiroj, and producer Corinne Castel.

This year organizers started very early to tease with constant drops that add to the torrent of films that make the Official Selection as well as the other sections of the festival. So, been trying to do post since a while back, but didn't wanted to do constant updates.

Seems that today finally the Official Selection has been announced completely and according to latest toll there are twenty-five (25) films in the Official Selection with seventeen (17) films in the main Competition, four (4) Out of Competition and four (4) Special Screenings.

Before getting into the list wish to share that my spontaneous reaction to this edition is that has many films that most of us thought will end-up in one of the three main festivals but didn't. I even thought that some were withheld for next year's Berlin or Cannes. No, they are here, so we have films by Bertrand Bonello, Emmanuelle Bercot, Baltasar Kormákur, Arnaud des Pallières among others. Sigh. In my book, the inclusion of these films elevates the fest to a different category and well, makes it a lot more interesting to follow. Also take note of the great film quality in the many French films and co productions.

Still is hard to forget that most of San Sebastian fest films will also be in Toronto fest, a festival that now has a competitive section, Toronto Panorama, with an international jury; but most relevant, many films will have their world premiere in Toronto (September 8 to 18) just because runs before San Sebastian (September 16 to 24).

On September 16 at the opening ceremony the FIPRESCI Grand Prix will be presented to Toni Erdmann by Maren Ade.  Yes, is the film that Germany sent to Oscars -as many of us expected.  Still, I have my doubts as movie is a film critics "darling" and we all know Academy members are NOT film critics; nevertheless industry media has huge expectations for this film.  Most important is to mention that Maren Ade is the first female to receive the award since its creation in 1999.

Know that will have to update post as there are no jury members announcements, so as soon as organizers announce will proceed to include them here.

Official Selection

Opening Film: La Fille de Brest (150 Milligrams), Emmanuelle Bercot, France
American Pastoral, Ewan McGregor, USA
As You Are, Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, USA
당신 자신과 당신의 것 Dangsinjasingwa dangsinui geot (Yourself and Yours), Hong Sang-soo, South Korea
Eiðurinn (The Oath), Baltasar Kormákur, Iceland
El Hombre de las Mil Caras, Alberto Rodríguez, Spain
El Invierno (The Winter), Emiliano Torres, Argentina and France
怒り Ikari (Rage), Lee Sang-il, Japan
Jätten (The Giant), Johannes Nyholm, Sweden and Denmark
Jesús, Fernando Guzzoni, France, Chile, Germany and Greece
La Reconquista, Jonás Trueba, Spain
Lady MacBeth, William Oldroyd, UK
Nocturama, Bertrand Bonello, France, Germany and Belgium
Orpheline (Orphan), Arnaud des Pallières, France
Plac Zabaw (Playground), Bartosz M. Kowalski, Poland
Que Dios Nos Perdone, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Spain
我不是潘金莲 Wo Bu Shi Pan Jinlian (I Am Not Madame Bovary), Xiaogang Feng, China

Official Selection Jury
President: Bille August, director, writer and cinematographer, Denmark
Jia Zhang-ke, director, writer and producer, China
Matthew Libatique, cinematographer and actor, USA
Anahí Berneri, director, writer and producer, Argentina
Bina Daigeler, costume designer and actress, Spain
Esther García, producer and actress, Spain
Nadia Turincev, producer and actress, France

Out of Competition
Closing Film: L'odyssée (The Odyseey), Jérôme Salle, France and Belgium
A Monster Calls, J.A. Bayona, Spain
Colossal, Nacho Vigalondo, Canada
Snowden, Oliver Stone, USA, Germany and France

Special Screenings
Bigas x Bigas, Bigas Luna and Santiago Garrido Rua, Spai
君の名は Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name), Makoto Shinkai, Japan
Manda Huevos, Diego Galán, Spain
Time Out of Mind, Oren Moverman, USA, 2014
Vivir y Otras Ficciones, Jo Sol, Spain

New Directors
Sixteen (16) films will compete for the Kutxabank-New Directors Award

Anişoara (Anishoara), Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu, Germany and Moldovia
Compte tes blessures (A Taste of Ink), Morgan Simon, France
Fin de Semana, Morocco Colman, Argentina
呼吸正常 Hu Xi Zheng Chang (Something Blue), Yunbo Li, China
Bar Bahar (In Between), Maysaloun Hamoud, Israel and France
Le Ciel Flamand, Peter Monsaert, Belgium
Lumières d'été - Natsu no hikari (Summer Lights), Jean-Gabriel Périot, France
María (y los demás), Nely Reguera, Spain
Park, Sofia Exarchou, Greece and Poland
Pinamar, Federico Godfrid, Argentina
Porto, Gabe Klinger, Portugal, France and USA
Teesklejad (Pretenders), Vallo Toomla, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia
Vanatoare (Prowl), Alexandra Balteanu, Germany
Waldstille, Martijn Maria Smits, Netherlands
Yeon-ae-dam (Our Love Story), Lee Hyun-ju, South Korea
Yi Bai Wu Shi Sui de sheng huno (One Hundred and Fifty Years of Life), Liu Yu, China

New Directors Jury
President: Carlo Chatrian, writer and director of Locarno Festival, Italy
Eulàlia Iglesias Huix, film critic, Spain
Pablo Alvarez, director, Chile
Isabel Stevens, film writer, UK
Victória Guerra, actress, Portugal

Horizontes Latinos
Five former participants in last year’s Films in Progress will this year feature in the selection of the best in Latin American cinema plus the one film by outstanding Amat Escalante that also is in competition at Venice fest. There are thirteen (13) films competing for the Horizontes Award.

Alba, Ana Cristina Barragán, Ecuador, Mexico and Greece
Aquí no ha pasado nada (Much Ado about Nothing), Alejandro Fernández Almendras, Chile, USA and France
El Amparo, Rober Calzadilla, Venezuela and Colombia
El Cristo Ciego, Christopher Murray, Chile and France
El Rey del Once, Daniel Burman, Argentina
Era o Hotel Cambridge, Eliane Caffé, Brazil, France and Spain
La Idea de un Lago, Milagros Mumenthaler, Argentina, Switzerland and Qatar
La Larga Noche de Francisco Sanctis, Francisco Márquez and Andrea Testa, Argentina
La Región Salvaje (The Untamed), Amat Escalante, Mexico, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway and Switzerland
Rara, Pepa San Martín, Chile and Argentina
Santa y Andrés, Carlos Lechuga, Cuba, France and Colombia
Viejo Calavera, Kiro Russo, Bolivia and Qatar
X Quinientos, Juan Andrés Arango, Canada, Colombia and Mexico

Horizontes Latinos Jury
President: Inma Cuestas, actress, Spain
Andrés di Tella, director, Argentina
Shari Frilot, Sundance Film Festival programmer, USA

There are many more sections in the festival screening great films from all over the world, most come from any of the three big festivals but there are more, use below links to check the films in each section.  Please note that some sections still have no movies info, but eventually everything will be listed at each section.

Pearls -a selection of best films of the year- go here.
Zaaltegi-Tabakalera -competitive section, open zone with unconventional films- go here.
Culinary Zinema -competitive selection of gastronmy related films accompanied by themed dinners- go here.
Savage Cinema -adventure and sports films- go here.
Zinemira -section dedicated to Basque film- go here.
Made in Spain -non competitive selection showcasing Spanish Films- go here.
International Film Students Meeting -short films- go here.
Velodrome -big premieres- go here.
Movies for Kids -non competitive section for younger audiences- go here.
Classic Retrospective -Jacques Becker- go here.
Thematic Retrospective -The Act of Killing. Cinema and global violence- go here.
Films in Progress -Latin American films in progress- go here.

Here are some of the awards already announced

Donostia Award: Sigourney Weaver
Donostia Award: Ethan Hawke
Latin Cinema Award: Gael Garcia Bernal
Zinemira Award: Actor and filmmaker Ramón Barea

As the 2016 edition has great posters will share them below.

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