Friday, September 09, 2016

10th Queer Lion Award Winner

A few minutes ago organizers announced the winner of the tenth Queer Lion Award and goes to none other than Hjartasteinn (Heartstone) the debut feature film of Icelandic director Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson.

Have to admit that I'm very pleased with this year selection as I'm very curious about this film as has mesmerizing visuals from awesome cinematography and a story that can be interesting to watch.

Organizers gave the following statement that describes their reasons to the award:

For the exquisite touch in showing the coming of age of two young friends and analyzing the acceptance of homosexual feelings and passions. For the strong and valid representation of the inner conflict that separates and then re-unites the two main characters, set against a natural environment as breathtaking as it can be hard and cruel.

Film is part of the Venice Days Official Selection and yes, competes for the festival First Feature award.  To read announcement at official site go here.

Film Synopsis: A remote fishing village in Iceland. Teenage boys Thor and Christian experience a turbulent summer as one tries to win the heart of a girl while the other discovers new feelings toward his best friend. When summer ends and the harsh nature of Iceland takes back its rights, it’s time to leave the playground and face the acrimony of adulthood.

Director statement: Heartstone is a personal story based on my experience growing up in a small fishing village. The core of the film is a strong, beautiful friendship between two boys, and how their environment and inner conflict drive them apart, before the bond they share manages to reunite them again. The village is a place full of contrats, where kids discover how nature and people can be both amazingly beautiful and incredibly cruel. As a kid, I wished I could show the grown-ups around me how our world really felt, and that's what I want to show as a filmmaker: because the years of youth reflect our lives in clear, beautiful, and sometimes harsh manner.

An excerpt with English subtitles

The award ceremony will take place at Villa degli Autori, headquarter of Giornate degli Autori-Venice Days, lungomare Marconi 56, Lido di Venezia.

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