Wednesday, May 11, 2016

#Cannes2016 Opening Ceremony

Today we will play the guessing game, yes we will have to guess IF the new and so much advertised Web TV Live will be open to the World and IF I'll be able to watch where I am...

For starters here are the two links to Dailymotion that offers an English version as well as a French Version ... as of this moment the clock says 5 hours 38 minutes to live stream, but know that Cafe Society press conference is happening right now so seems no live stream of the event. Sigh.

Added Youtube and Canal+ 

Youtube English Version

Youtube French Version

[LIVE] TV Festival de Cannes 2016 - English... by CannesFestTV

[LIVE] TV Festival de Cannes 2016 - Version... by CannesFestTV

Canal +  Embed NOT working go here as it just began!!!

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