Thursday, March 24, 2016

2016 Quinzaine des Réalisateurs News

Today Directors' Fortnight unveiled the poster for current edition and even do rationale tells us a credible story, when I saw it got a completely different one. Cannes Festival section always has had unusual images in their posters and 2016 is no exception.

The Directors' Fortnight poster for 2016 was created from a photo by Cécile Burban and the graphic design is by Michel Welfringer; most puzzling Waintrop thanks the collective Le Mouvement, I assume is for work done to produce this graphic identity.

The following is the "poetic" reason why or graphic rationale to the creation.

Once upon a time, two people met,
A woman, a man… Their memory has almost been erased.
All that’s left is a picture… torn, faded, almost gone.
Cinema is not eternal but it does sometimes escape oblivion. And it is possible to restore a picture.
And what will there be then between these two characters who perhaps stepped out of an English or Italian comedy or an Éric Rohmer film?
When you see a poster like this, your imagination fills in the blanks, just like it does at the movies.

Édouard Waintrop
Artistic Director
of the Directors' Fortnight

On April 19 Waintrop will announce the selection but also their new website, so seems there is a trend to facelift their identity. Great. If you wish to check something at their official site go here.

Alright will share my spontaneous reaction to poster. No I didn't fill the spaces. My imagination went to everything that's broken, everything that's falling apart, everything that's torn, everything that fades away with time. Everything that stays in "that" form. Went there and stayed there ... and the only emotion felt was sadness.

After reading the rationale, that basic tell us about cinema restoration -which obviously I support for future cinema lovers generations-, was not able to fill the blanks and gee, one of the reasons I love great French cinema is that film story does not tell all, there are lots of blanks before, during and after, it's up to you to fill them. I can fill the blanks in French or any other great cinema but, sorry, visuals do not stimulate me to fill the blanks in that graphic design. Sigh. I'm still covered with sadness after talking about this graphic design.

It's quite funny but ALL the automatic sharing buttons (to share post/image in facebook, tumblr, etc) cropped the poster, seems the automatic services also don't understand the image.

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