Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Oscars Class of 2016

Perhaps one of the most well-known American schools tradition is the annual class group photo for the school yearbook; well, don't know if you all know about it, but I know because I have several yearbooks with me and my classmates photographs. So, yes I do enjoy the annual Oscar nominees tradition that starts with a brief press q+a, a luncheon and a group photograph known as the annual Nominees Class Photo or the Class of 2016.

Yesterday the Academy had the annual luncheon that kept one more year the traditions alive and below we have the infamous photography (in the highest resolution I was able to find, so you can zoom photo without getting too many pixels).

Perhaps is my imagination but when I see last year's photo against this year see a lot less nominees in the photo, that looks kind of "empty".  For starters know that Cate Blanchett and Michael Fassbender are not there; think Kate Winslet is also absent as well as Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance. So the British nominees probably stayed home resting for their big show, the BAFTA's that are next Sunday.

There are many luncheon photos but none impacted me more than the following. Can you guess why?

Please notice that extraordinary Deniz Gamze Ergüven had to wear a name badge in Hollywood (!!!) while Brie Larson did not. All happening at the same time when in Paris she won four (4) Lumières awards for her outstanding debut feature film, Mustang. Surely in Paris she does not need a name badge. But yes, I know -as well as we all- why she was in LA instead of Paris.Sigh.

So here are some photos from more "people" that do not need a name badge (lol).

Later, at night time, there was a party hosted by THR, 4th Annual Nominees Night and ALL the Mustang cast plus the director where there.

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