Sunday, February 21, 2016

2016 Annual MUAHS Guild Awards Winners

For me the most surprising thing in last night's guild awards ceremony was discovering Johnny Depp in all photos including one with Yolanda Toussieng who won the guild's Lifetime Achievement Award.  Toussieng is responsible for hair in films like Edward Scissorhands and  Ed Wood (she won an Oscar), so no doubt that she deserves the honor and Depp had a great reason to be there. He also presented the Lifetime Achievement award to makeup artist Ve Neill who also worked in films like Ed Wood and all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Now is no surprise to learn why Depp attended last night ceremony as many of his most iconic characters were in the hands of these two artists.  Besides Depp looked quite different to how we have seen him lately, more alike to what he used to be.  Check the photos.

Another guild that gave NO surprises as Mad Max: Fury Road won two awards and Carol was snubbed once again, in a tech category that could have won, sigh.

To check winners in TV categories go official site here. Winners are in *BLUE.

Today the Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylists Guild announced their nominations for the 2016 edition of their awards with Mad Max: Fury Road leading with three nominations.

As previously announced Make-Up Artist Ve Neill and Hair Stylist Yolanda Toussieng, both Oscar and Emmy winners, will receive the Lifetime Achievement Awards. “The bodies of work of Ve Neill and Yolanda Toussieng are legendary, and we are proud to rank them among the best in the history of our profession. They are extraordinary artists and accomplished leaders in the industry, and it is our pleasure to name them as this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipients,” said President Susan Cabral-Ebert.

Award ceremony will be on Saturday, February 20th at Paramount Studios Theatre in Hollywood.

Feature Length Motion Picture

Best Contemporary Make-Up
Julie Hewett and Pamela Westmore for The Big Short
*James MacKinnon, Autumn Butler and Roxy D'Alonzo for Furious 7
Melanie Hughes-Weaver and Judy Yonemoto for Pitch Perfect 2
Donald Mowat for Sicario
Maurizio Silvi and Matteo Silvi for Youth

Best Period and/or Character Make-Up
Morna Ferguson, Niamh O'Loan and Marlène Rouleau for Brooklyn
Patricia Regan for Carol
Naomi Donne and Norma Webb for Cinderella
Jan Sewell and Renata Gilbert for The Danish Girl
*Lesley Vanderwalt, Nadine Prigge and Ailie Smith for Mad Max: Fury Road

Best Special Make-Up Effects
Joel Harlow, Kenny Niederbaumer and Khanh Trance for Black Mass
Sian Grigg, Charlotte Rogers and Tristan Versluis for Ex Machina
Ve Neill and Glenn Hetrick for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
*Damian Martin, Elka Wardega and Jaco Snyman for Mad Max: Fury Road
Neal Scanlan for Star Wars: The Force Awaakens

Best Contemporary Hair Styling
Sian Grigg and Charlotte Rogers for Ex Machina
Linda Flowers, Jennifer Santiago and Lesa Williams for Furious 7
*Cheryl Marks, Meagan Herrera and Daina Daigle for Pitch Perfect 2
Zoe Tahir for Spectre
Sarah Love and Linda Flowers for Spy

Best Period and/or Charcter Hair Styling
Lorraine Glynn, Lorraine Brennan and Michelle Côté for Brooklyn
Jerry DeCarlo, Jack Curtain and Kay Georgiou for Carol
*Carol Hemming, Orla Carroll and Wakana Yoshihara for Cinderella
Jan Sewell and Renata Gilbert for The Danish Girl
Anita Morgan, Kerstin Weller and Kylie Clark for Mad Max: Fury Road

To check nominations in TV and other categories go official site here (not there yet, but will be there) or news here.

My favorite tweet about these nominations says: "I'll be over here wondering why FURIOUS 7 received two Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards nominations. (Vin Diesel's spray tan?)" LOL!!! But seriously I wonder how or why Furious 7 and Pitch Perfect 2 got two nominations each... also, found make-up in The Big Short more on the really-bad side of the scale, especially Christian Bale make-up. So, go figure why or what guild is honoring.

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