Saturday, October 03, 2015

2016 Oscars Foreign-Language Film Submissions - A Graphic Selection

Waiting for the Academy to publish the list of accepted submissions to the foreign-language film category always feels long; but to make the wait a bit more light and to have some fun with the graphics from all the 76 submissions, a new "contest" comes to life when the Best Poster is selected.

The selection does not evaluate how the print material relate to the movie; it's only about the reaction to the material regardless what the movie is about. Know art is subjective, so expect reactions to the selection.

If you wish to see the posters for all films (only one has no poster yet) go to my tumblr here.

Best Poster Selection

No.1 - Utopia
Since saw it for the first time found this poster very beautiful, has the best composition from all.

No. 2 - Court
Almost published the movie post with this poster, but opted for the most conventional. Not sure this is an official poster, it's called "alternative" allover; nevertheless, is a great arty composition.

No.3 - Zhat
Nice composition with great use of light and shadows

No. 4 - The Paradise Suite
Nice composition with one unsaturated color

No. 5 - The Assassin
Extremely hard to select one of the many posters for this movie as most are beautiful-arty compositions, most with the Asian flavor but some with more occidental flavor.  Since movie post has an Asian version, let's select an occidental version here.

No. 6 - The Throne
Another with many poster versions but all clearly have the Asian flavor; like more the character posters than those that try to promote the film.  Here is one example with great use of white color.

No. 7 - El Clan
There are several character posters that look great with the words overimposed but none looks as great as the following with the main character in a fantastic portrait photo.

No.8 - Ixcanul
A character close-close up as a poster? Not often a poster could manage to have a close-up in a successful composition; but the use of light in this photo makes composition quite outstanding.

No. 9 - Moor
Another movie with many posters in very different styles including the use of horizontal format instead of the more occidental common vertical poster.  Here is one composition with great use of shadows.

No. 10 - El Club
Very clean poster.  Minimalist expression.  Beautiful.

So, do you agree with the selection?  Would you add more?  Delete some?

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