Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Minus 1 Day - Cannes 2015

(Written by noon) By this time tomorrow will be ready for the live broadcast of the opening ceremony and finally see clips from films in the main competition, like for example, much awaited Carol by Todd Haynes. Sigh. Can't wait.

I suppose there are some serious matters to cover today but feel like should do a very light post with more nonsense than anything else as we need to have some fun before the madness. So here are some fun numbers about the festival.

The monumental poster that was installed yesterday at the Palais des Festivals measures 11 by 24 meters and weights 150 kilos. The red carpet is 60 meters long by 4 meters wide and will be changed two or three times a day so keeps the intense red color and is clean for all the haut couture dresses that will parade the red carpet each day.

(Written in the afternoon)  Some news about what's going on tonight in Cannes.


Today was the Jury Dinner and they took the traditional window photo that is around the photo services but still have to appear in the web.  Nevertheless found some with Jake Gyllenhaal, Thierry Fremaux, Joel Coen and Rossy de Palma. Embed one from Gettyimages that's free but has lots of promos.

Just to have some unglamorous photos let's check those that arrived today to Nice airport: Sienna Miller, Tom Hardy, Julianne Moore.

Naomi Watts, Charlize Theron

Close today with last night Dior Cruise 2016 catwalk show presented in the famed Bubble House, take a look at the video of the fashion show and some of the celebrities : Dakota Fanning and Marion Cotillard.

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