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Day 7 - Cannes 2015

My day started with the Salma Hayek Women in Motion Talk #2 and have to admit that was the best way to start the day. Suggest you watch video is interesting, direct to point and even funny in the right moments.

My spontaneous reaction to today schedule was that films were not that exciting today and seems that I was right, as today was really easy (and fast) to write post.

The Competition

Sicario by Denis Villeneuve

If you read what I wrote in my Cannes Check #8 you already know what I expect from Sicario, but just in case you didn't here is the summary: Violence, very violent unfortunately in a very Hollywood-graphic way ... on the positive side, he said his film is very dark, a dark poem, which absolutely has my attention. Seems I was right on the Hollywood thing and the violence but no one has talked about the dark poem, sigh.

As a matter of fact is so much Hollywood-type that most positive reactions are English-language while not-so-positive reactions come from other languages, including French. Please understand that I have nothing against Hollywood-type films, but somehow is irritating that an excellent director with fantastic cinematic vision ends up doing "entertainment" cinema. Sure, will watch movie.

Watching live the red carpet and the best is Cate Blanchett walking the red carpet. Can't help to think that she's in Cannes because "someone" ask her to stay ... you know, that's what they do when you win a prize and live very far away (Australia). Hope is not only my imagination or because she stayed for the amfAR party that I think is on Thursday and the reason why we are seeing so many actors, like Antonio Banderas, and celebrities that will spend lots of money to help combat AIDS. Wow! Even me, I'm impressed by Emily Blunt earrings! Huge beautiful emeralds.

Press Reactions
Emily Blunt cracks the cartel in a white-knuckle thriller. Here, he has just taken control of a straight-ahead Hollywood genre movie, and managed it with great flair without any supercilious over-thinking — which is not to say that it isn’t smart. As an action thriller, it delivers. Peter Bradshaw-The Guardian (UK)
Amazing to look at, amazing to listen to, yet just a bit underwhelming to really think about, "Sicario" Denis Villeneuve's Mexican drug cartel drama is superlatively strong in every conceivable way except story. Jessica Kiang-The Plalylist-indiewire (US)
... a blisteringly intense drug-trade thriller that combines expert action and suspense with another uneasy inquiry into the emotional consequences of violence. Scott Foundas-Variety (US)
Efficace, mais sans surprise. Metronews (France)
Un film de guerre efficace. Ecran Noir (France)
Sicario', de Denis Villeneuve, prometía y termina siendo un mero entretenimiento. Fotogramas (Spain)
Proquoi Denis Villeneuve aura le Prix de la mise en scène pour «Sicario». 20minutes (France)
La plupart des critiques interrogés à la sortie de la projection s'entendent pour dire que Sicario est le film le plus abouti du réalisateur. Selon eux, le film d'action bien réalisé n'a cependant pas de chance de remporter la compétition officielle. Radio-Canada (Canada)

Marguerite et Julien by Valérie Donzelli

Yesterday was able to see the first moving images for this film and was a HUGE surprise as noticed that film breaks the mold by moving in time and is done -apparently- as director and screenwriter wish to do so; meaning, is NOT only a period film. Obviously this new found issue strongly tickles my interest and my imagination. Actually this key situation has changed everything for me and no matter what happens in Cannes, this film is must-be-seen for me as obviously I'm VERY intrigued/curious to see HOW she managed to move in time -beyond the obvious storytelling.

Nevertheless truth is that was going to give film a try because I'm following the career of the young actress that plays the lead female role, Anaïs Demoustier. But now there are more expectations which sometimes is a very bad idea to have them as not easy for a film to fulfill viewer's high expectations.

In general press reactions in English are in the not positive side while in other languages they move in the very cold to hot positive side. So won't spend time sharing English-language reactions. Ah! forgot to again mention that this film has an unconventional story about incest, based on a real life event.

Press Reactions
In surrendering so completely to the couple’s own fiery passions, Donzelli neglects little details like character development. Lee Marshall-Screendaily (UK)
"Marguerite et Juliene" aborda con tono tragicómico, absolutamente melancólico, aunque también extrañamente vacilón, la paradoja sentimental en la tradición del cine deudor de François Truffaut, y lo hace sustentándose sobre elementos formalmente transgresores, anacrónicos y definitivamente posmodernos, destinados a contarnos un cuento de tintes tan románticos como funestos. Joan Sala-filmin (Spain)
un film étonnant ... la jeune réalisatrice brode un mash-up du cinéma hexagonal, un Reader’s Digest des grandes « tendances du cinéma français » pour aboutir à un objet étrange, à la fois passionnant et improbable. Renan Cros-Cinema Teaser (France)
"Marguerite et Julien": un conte de fées pop et tragique aux confins de Truffaut et Demy. Thierry Chèze-L'Express (France)
Anaïs Demoustier, la nouvelle sensation du cinéma français. BFMTV
L'intellettuale Valérie Donzelli si vuole ricostruire la verginità perduta: zero Candide, molto artefatto, un nonsense irritante. Federico Pontiggia-Cinematografo (Italy)

Marguerite et Julien traite de l'amour absolu, c'est mon coup de cœur de #Cannes2015 , le Jury sera t il du même avis que moi? Pascal Naud (France)
MARGUERITE ET JULIEN : de belles échappées romanesques qui ne parviennent pas à sauver un scénario assez indigent. C+. 24images (France)
Marguerite et Julien est merveilleux, vous êtes tous fous. Palme du coeur! Mélissa Blanco (France)
Palme d'or du mauvais goût à #MargueriteEtJulien : le pire du cinéma dans un concentré de niaiserie. Malaise palpable. Percolatrice (France)

Special Screenings
Amnesia by Barbet Schroeder
Cannes will honor tonight director Barbet Schroeder and as part of the tribute his film Amnesia is screened as well as More that is in the Cannes Classics section. Ibiza in the early 90s with a platonic love between a solitary rebellious older woman and a young musician who is passionate about electronic music.

Un Certain Regard
Alias María by José Luis Rugeles
The story is appealing for me more for the role of women in guerrillas than for the role of women and motherhood among the guerrillas.  But have to see film to find out which is shown in film.  Nevertheless know that for international audiences, film will show the terrible reality of the armed conflict in Colombia.

Taklub (Trap)by Brillante Mendoza
The latest film by Mendoza that tells about the 2013 Philippines disaster and three characters for whom the burden of poverty is added to the catastrophe that swept through their lives.   Mendoza used to do very good films but lately his films have become less interesting for international audiences and me.

Masaan (Fly Away Solo) by Neeraj Ghaywan
Neeraj Ghaywan forms part of a generation of film-makers that has made the reputation of an independent Indian cinema far removed from the clichés of Bollywood. Masaan, his first film, recounts a tale of impossible love between Deepak and Devi in the holy city of Benares. It's love from among different castes.

Cannes Classics
Jingi Naki Tatakai (Battles without Honor and Humanity) by Kinji Fukasaku, Japan, 1973
Restored film about the Yakuzas.
Hitchcock/Truffaut by Ken Jones, USA, 2015
Based on a famous series of interviews between Hitchcock and Truffaut in 1960.  Have hear -not seen- a few of the interviews.  Could be interesting.
Sur (The South) by Fernando Solanas, Argentina and France, 1988
After the dictatorship, a doc with the story of a citizen freed after five years of imprisonment.
Jag Är Ingrid (Ingrid Bergman, in Her Own Words) by Stig Björkman, Sweden, 2015
My gut feeling tells me this has to be interesting as idea came from daughter Isabella Rossellini, director had total freedom and most of all doc is narrated by Alicia Vikander!
More by Barbet Schroeder, Germany, France and Luxenbourg, 1969
Barbet Schroeder is in Cannes today and as part of the tribute, the film that has original score by Pink Floyd! So, yes is sex, drugs and Ibiza, Spain ... plus Rock-n-roll.

Cinéma de la Plage
Joe Hill, Bo Widerberg, Sweden and USA, 1971
Swedish masterpiece shot in New York, a film that hasn't been seen for over 40 years.

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs

Mustang by Deniz Gamze Ergüven

Fascinating story, interesting cast and the possibility of great cinematography make this film must-be-seen for me. Check the synopsis.

Early summer. In a village in northern Turkey, Lale and her four sisters are walking home from school, playing innocently with some boys. The immorality of their play sets off a scandal that has unexpected consequences. The family home is progressively transformed into a prison ; instruction in homemaking replaces school and marriages start being arranged. The five sisters who share a common passion for freedom, find ways of getting around the constraints imposed on them.

Truth is that I'm considering that all this happens in Turkey, in an isolated village and this is Turkish cinema. Without all these considerations story most likely will be horrible.

Much Loved by Nabil Ayouch, Morocco and France

Not sure what to think about this movie as tells a story told so many times before that wonder what director could offer to make it new or fresh at least. The synopsis.

Marrakech today. Noha, Randa, Soukaina, Hlima and others live a life of ‘love for sale’. They’re whores, objects of desire. Flashes of flesh. Bodies exposing themselves, getting worked up. Money flowing to the rhythms of pleasure and humiliations suffered. But full of joy and a sense of complicity, dignified and free in their kingdom of women, they overcome the violence of the Moroccan society that takes advantage of them while at the same time condemning them.

Songs My Brothers Taught Me by Chloé Zhao

Film premiere was at 2015 Sundance and this is the international premiere. I'm curious about film, could give it a try.

Songs My Brothers Taught Me is a compelling and complex portrait of modern day life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation that explores the bond between a brother and his younger sister, who find themselves on separate paths to rediscovering the meaning of home. Chloé Zhao sensitively infiltrates isolated Indian Country to offer a rare, modern gaze keenly felt through the eyes of her magnetic non-professional lead actors, providing a universally resonant tale set amid the magnificent, promising wild of young generation Lakotas.

Semaine de la Critique

Mediterranea by Jonas Carpignano
Not really interested in another story about African immigrants in Europe; but here is the synopsis to find if you are or not interested.

Ayiva recently left his home in Burkina Faso in search of a way to provide for his sister and his daughter. He takes advantage of his position in an illegal smuggling operation to get himself and his best friend Abas off of the continent. Ayiva adapts to life in Italy, but when tensions with the local community rise, things become increasingly dangerous. Determined to make his new situation work he attempts to weather the storm, but it has its costs.

Also today the Short Films Program 2, if you wish to learn the short films in this program go here and browse to end.

The Grief of Others by Patrick Wang
Based on Leah Hager Cohen’s critically acclaimed novel, a family struggles with a tragic loss when an unexpected visitor arrives. She stirs the pain of past betrayals but might also offer an unforeseen gift: a way out of their isolating grief. An American independent film in L'Acid is not common, much less when film had its premiere in 2015 SXSW; still pre-cannes reviews believe that film has very little chance of distribution in US, more among boutique distributors.

Not so-serious news

Tonight is the De Grisogono Divine Dinner Party with everyone who is someone attending (including Leonardo DiCaprio), was watching the event live but well, have to admit that's too boring for me! (lol)

Photos of the Day

Cate Blanchett in Sicario Red Carpet

Aishwarya Rai in Jazbaa Photocall

Uma Thurman

Calvin Klein Party last night

Only in Cannes Day 7

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