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Day 10 - Cannes 2015

Each day have been using the photo that Festival organizers publish in social media with "the films screened today". Most interesting is that today in photo composition there is a film that is NOT screened today! As I truly do not mind having Carol photo in composition, decided to use it even when there is a too-obvious mistake.

Today we have two awards ceremonies, the first for Cinéfondation and the second for Quinzaine des Réalisateurs. Also imagine that today we will start to learn about some collateral awards.

Can't deny that when reading the schedule I'm a bit confused as usually festival ends in day 10 and award ceremony is in day 11. As a matter of fact this year there is something different as yesterday, day 9, one of the collateral sections closed when usually is today, day 10, when collateral sections close. But seems that things could be different this year as everyone-everywhere talk about Macbeth finally screening tomorrow, so there will be a day 11 this year (lol).

Just learned that infamous Palm Dog this year went to Lucky (Maltypoo: Maltese terrier and poodle in Arabian Nights by Miguel Gomes that was screened at la Quinzaine. UniFrance announced today in Cannes the Prix du Court Métrage for Errance by Peter Dourountizis; Prix Canal+ Espagne to Le Repas dominical by Céline Devaux, and Prix RTI Italie to Ses Souffles by Just Philippot.

Also learned that the Queer Palm Ceremony will take place tomorrow at 10 pm.; Ecumenical Jury and FIPRESCI Jury Awards Ceremony on Saturday at 5pm.

The Competition

Chronic by Michel Franco

Most critics/viewers struggled with film ending and happened is such a way that seemed to completely ruin the film for them. Maybe you remember that I hate spoilers, so will not try to find what happens in the last scene, the one that caused so much fuzz and buzz.  Even before knowing press/viewers reactions I was lukewarm about this movie as not really a fan of director and concern about another film in a language that is not the language of the filmmaker.

Extremely disappointed by the absence of  Bitsie Tulloch the only one in movie, besides Tim Roth, that I know/like thanks to a darkish TV Show called Grimm (LOL!), sigh.  She could have motivate me to watch videos, but now not really interested.  Well watched a bit of the press conference and well, know more about the directors or Michel Franco's business partners than from the actors.  Well now that I'm reading who the actresses are found that Mexican Nailea Norvid is "famous" in Mexico TV and  Sarah Sutherland has done some American TV.  Seems film is basically Tim Roth and a bunch of TV actors which could be good or bad, will know when I see film.

Press reactions
Press reactions tend to travel the from warm to cold/cold scale.

Terminal pain, but Tim Roth a pleasure .. supplies a carefully measured dose of enigmatic class. Peter Bradshaw-The Guardian (UK)
Michel Franco's Chronic is a bold English language debut. Fionnuala Halligan-Screendaily (UK)
Si Michel Franco a passionné Tim Roth il y a trois ans, il n'aura pas réussi à conquérir les festivaliers avec son nouveau film. Vodkaster (France)
Michel Franco’s CHRONIC a good, tough, grim study of a nurse caring for the terminally ill at home. Tim Roth fine in lead role. Geoff Andrew (UK)
Avec #Chronic Michel Franco réalise son film le plus abordable et le moins misanthrope. Un cadrage sublime pour un scénario tenu. Joan Font (France)
Très digne et touchant #Chronic (Michel Franco), Tim Roth excellent, à #Cannes2015. Mais fin qui gâche l’ensemble. Éric Moreault-Le Soleil (Canada)
Chronic, dommage pour la fin mais film très délicat sur les soins palliatif. Tim Roth formidable. Belle pudeur dans l'approche des corps. Cathy Immelen-RTBF (Belgium)
Chronic : je me disais bien qu'on n'avait pas encore vu de film avec du pipi et du caca. Merci. Jerome Vermelin-Metronews (France)
Chronic, del mexicano Michel Franco, era un digno film hasta la toma final, que la convierte en otra abyección típica de su cine. Diego Batle-OtrosCines (Argentina)

Valley of Love by Guillaume Nicloux

Seems film appeal falls into main actors reunion after the thirty-five years hiatus when Gerard Depardieu and Isabelle Huppert last appeared together in Loulou by Maurice Pialat. Can't deny that is one of the reasons why I have to see this film, the other is that I see everything with Isabelle Huppert (lol). 

So, no matter what happens in Cannes I know that eventually will watch film.

Press Reactions
The star duo should be enough of a lure for arthouse audiences although based on the reception at the first press screening at Cannes, Valley Of Love will receive mixed critical support at best ... A California Sea of Trees. Allan Hunter-Screendaily (UK)
Reunited onscreen after 35 years, Isabelle Huppert and Gerard Depardieu give life to this slight, metaphysical grief drama. Guy Lodge-Variety (US)
A French two-hander that's affecting and frustrating in equal measure. Jon Frosch-THR (US)
Isabelle Huppert and Gérard Depardieu shine in a subtle and skilful film by Guillaume Nicloux which fully showcases the filmmaker’s talent. Fabien Lemercier-Cineuropa

Guillaume Nicloux’s VALLEY OF LOVE - Huppert & Depardieu reunited (by creaky plot device) in Death Valley. What’s not to enjoy? Geoff Andrew (UK)

Special Screenings

The Little Prince by Mark Osborne

A very sweet tweet "Le Petit Price se pose comme un rose, sur la Croisette" describes how I feel about this animated movie just because the story that tells. But I'm surprised by some not-positive reviews that talk about great tech effects and a weak story "blends CG and stop motion animation to beautiful effect but story doesn't hit the same high".

Perhaps reactions are due to what director says: "I wanted the film to be about how the story can affect your life" ... hmmm... now understand why the story could be weak as seems director didn't stayed with the beautiful story, without any other explorarion.

Been watching some videos and my HUGE disappointment is that Marion Cotillard is not with film crew, even when there are some of the English-language and the French-language actors who lend their voices. As we know, she is the ONLY one that gave her voice in both versions. But then film in English also has Benicio del Toro who is not there; plus from the French version Vincent Lindon and Vincent Cassel are absent too. This is a movie that honestly wouldn't mind watching in both versions or watch film twice, lol! OOPS! complained too-early, Marion Cotillard is in the red carpet (!!!) and she looks beautiful, fresh after last night benefit party. Yes watching live the red carpet video. Also walking the red carpet Guillaume Gallienne and André Dussollier. (know more the faces of the French actors than from the Americans, LOL).

Un Certain Regard
Section has screened all the films. Section award, tomorrow at the closing ceremony.

Cannes Classics
Section has no films today; the last two films are tomorrow.

Cinéma de la Plage
Hibernatus by Edourard Molinaro
Not my kind of French cinema, really dislike French comedies and comedians.

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs

Dope by Rick Famuyiwa

The closing film in the section. Not sure what to think about this American indie as story seems to me as told a zillion times and to be honest, from all similar American indie films I have seen, none I have like, sigh. Check synopsis.

Malcolm is carefully surviving life in a tough neighborhood in Los Angeles while juggling college applications and academic interviews. A chance invitation to an underground party leads him into an adventure that could allow him to go from being a geek, to being dope, to ultimately being himself.

What!!! Pharrell Williams in Cannes???? Yes, he is! LOL! Knew he was film executive producer, which was the only thing that called my attention from this movie.

Market News
-Festival opening film Standing Tall bought by Cohen Media for US. Seems US audiences will have the chance to see lots of Cannes films.

-According to Paddy Power bookies The Lobster (5/2) is the gamblers favorite to win the Palme d'Or, but is facing strong competition from Son of Saul and Carol (5/1 each). At the bottom they have The Sea of Trees (20/1) and Mon Roi (40/1).
-Screendaily has been loyal to Carol as their #1 favorite but as of yesterday with the same score 6.5 Carol has a co favorite, The Assassin.  French press remains loyal to their #1 favorite, Mia Madre while the Prix Un Certain Regard has two favorites An by Naomi Kawase and Cemetery of Splendor by Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

Not so-serious News
-Today Cannes Mayor invited the jury and press to the famous Aïoli provençal du Maire
-A few Leonardo diCaprio photos from last night amfAR are circulating and he looks just like he is in the same movie as Matthew McConaughey is. (FYI, they're not). If you wonder what he was doing there, well he sold a Yacht Dinner for US$280,000.00 and this deserves my respect, he sold from his personal collection a Banksy for US$1 million.
-Among amfAR big purchases: Coloring Book by Jeff Koons a sculpture sold for US$13 million and a statue by Fernando Botero sold for US$2.2 million. In total the AIDS benefit was able to generate US$30 million. It's a great cause, I'm glad it did so well.
-OH my! Charles Azanavour is 91-years-old today!

-Not Cannes news but feel like sharing that as of today there are about 6,500 new words in the English-language ... well, more exactly in the Scrabble dictionary (lol)! emoji, bezzy, ridic and thousand more words are valid for playing the game.

Photos of the Day

Lucky, the 2015 Palm Dog winner

Marion Cotillard at The Little Prince red carpet

Noomi Rapace and Michelle Rodriguez at amfAR event last night

Aishwarya Rai at amfAR event last night

Adriana Lima at amfAR event last night

Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender at amfAR event last night

Only in Cannes 10

Gala Croisette

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