Monday, May 04, 2015

23rd L'ACID Selection - Update

The agenda and schedule for all films in L'ACID selection became available today, check it below.

Today the Association du Cinéma Indépendant pour sa Diffusion (ACID) announced the usual nine (9) films in the selection that promotes diffusion of independent films in movie theaters and encourages debates between authors and audiences for the last 22 years.

The selection of nine films has 5 first and 3 second features films; 6 films are fiction and 3 documentaries; and unfortunately, 7 out the 9 films have no distributor ... yet. Seems that in 2015 ALL sections in the festival have a strong French flavor, which for me is just Fantastic!

Cosmodrama, Philippe Fernandez, France
(*) Crache Coeur, Julia Kowalski, France and Poland
De l'ombre il y a, Nathan Nicholovitch, France
(*) Gaz de France, Benoît Forgeard, France and Egypt
(*) Je suis le peuple (I Am the People), Anna Roussillon, France (documentary)
La Vanité, Lionel Baier, Switzerland and France
(*) Pauline s'arrache, Emilie Brisavoine, France (documentary)
The Grief of Others, Patrick Wang, USA
(*) Volta à terra, João Pedro Plácido, Portugal, Switzerland and France (documentary)

(*) First feature film.

Check info and available trailers @MOC.

To read info about each film go here, available only in French but eventually info will be in English too. Will check for info and trailers and will update post with link when is ready.

Check some Film Stills


Crache Coeur

De l'ombre il y a

Gaz de France

Je suis le peuple

La Vanité Yes, is Carmen Maura.

Pauline s'arrache

The Grief of Others

Volta à terra

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