Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2015 Cannes Un Certain Regard News

A few days back was announced that the Official Selection section Jury President is none other than Isabella Rossellini, which makes so much sense as her mother Ingrid Bergman is the object of this year's tribute. Here are some excerpts from the official press release.

The Italian-American actress and director Isabella Rossellini has kindly agreed to preside the Un Certain Regard Jury, the Official Selection of the Festival de Cannes made up of twenty films to be announced, along with the films In Competition, at the press conference on 16th April.

The daughter of Italian director Roberto Rossellini and Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman, to whom this year’s Festival de Cannes is to pay tribute, Isabella began her cinematic career alongside her father as a dresser, before becoming acting for the Taviani Brothers – family friends who gave her a role in The Meadow (1979). She has such a long and eclectic filmography that surely many desire to emulate, but for me her most iconic role is Dorothy Vallens in highly disturbing outstanding Blue Velvet by David Lynch (photo) and as a director was really fun-to-watch her Green Porno series.

At the Festival de Cannes, Isabella Rossellini will take part in the tribute to her mother by attending the screening of Ingrid Bergman, in Her Own Words‏, a documentary by Stig Björkman being shown as part of the Cannes Classics. She will also launch her own ‘Ingrid Bergman Tribute’ to celebrate the centenary of her mother’s birth. The show, directed by Guido Torlonia and Ludovica Damiani, will be based on both her autobiography and her correspondence with Roberto Rossellini and will play on some at the world’s major theaters.

With the help of a soon-to-be-announced Jury made up of artists, journalists and festival directors, Isabella Rossellini will award the Un Certain Regard Prize and meet the winners on Saturday 23rd of May, on the eve of the closing ceremony.

To read the full press release at official site go here.

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