Thursday, May 22, 2014

67th Festival de Cannes Short Films Selection and Cinéfondation Award Winners

Today, Abbas Kiarostami and the Jury announced the winners of the 17th Cinéfondation Selection and there we had our first award ceremony in this edition of the Festival de Cannes.

As we know each of the Cinéfondation prizes have money attached but perhaps most important is that the First Prize winner is also guaranteed that his first feature film will be presented at the Festival de Cannes. So imagine that soon we will be seeing a first feature film by a female director, American Annie Silverstein. Good.

Award winners for the Short Film competition will be announced next Saturday at the festival Awards Ceremony.

Please remember that by Saturday there will be one post with ALL the award winners in the festival, but for now today's winners are in *BLUE.

While the Official Selection of feature films for the 2014 festival edition will be revealed tomorrow, the list of short films in both sections is unveiled one day in advance. I'm doing this post for info purposes only as of tomorrow will publish in one post all films in the Official Selection.

Short Films Competition

This year the Selection Committee received 3, 450 short films from 128 countries and for the first time an Azeri and a Georgian film will take part in the competition.

Nine films will compete in 2014 for the Short Film Palm d'Or, to be awarded by Abbas Kiarostami, President of the Jury, at the Awards Ceremony of the 67th Festival de Cannes on Saturday, May 24th.

Aïssa, Clément Tréhin-Lalanne, France, 8'
A Kivégzés (The Execution), Petra Szöcs, Hungary and Romania, 14'
Happo-en, Sato Masiko, Ohara Takayoshi, Seki Yutaro, Toyota Masayuki and Hirase Kentaro, Japan, 13'
Ja Vi Elsker (Yes We Love), Hallvar Witzø, Norway, 15'
Leidi, Simón Mesa Soto, Colombia and UK
Les Corps étrangers, Laura Wandel, Belgium, 15'
Sonuncu (The Last One), Sergey Pikalov, Azerbaijan, 15'
The Administration of Glory, Ran Huang, China, 15'
Ukhilavi Sivrtseebi (Invisible Spaces), Dea Kulumbegashvili, Georgia, 10'

To check each short film info, trailer, images, articles, etc. go here.

Cinéfondation Selection

The Cinéfondation Selection selected 16 films (14 fiction films and 2 animation films) among the 1,631 submitted this year by cinema schools from all around the world.

This year sees a very significant broadening of scope of the Selection, with a 38% of the schools being selected for the first time and one country – Egypt – which has never previously been selected. Besides, more than half of the sixteen selected films (9) have been directed by women.

The three Cinéfondation Prizes will be awarded at a ceremony prior to the screening of the winning films on Thursday 22nd May in the Buñuel Theatre

Home Sweet Home, Pierre Clenet, Alejandro Diaz, Romain Mazevet and Stéphane Paccolat, France, 10', Supinfocom Arles
Last Trip Home, Han Fengyu, Singapore, 25', Ngee Ann Polytechnic
*Lievito Madre (Sourdough), Fulvio Risuleo, Italy, 17', Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - (tie) THIRD PRIZE
Les Oiseaux-Tonnerre (Thunderbirds), Léa Mysius, France, 22', La Fémis
Leto Bez Meseca (Moonless Summer), Stefan Ivančić, Serbia, 31', Faculty of Dramatic Arts
Niagara, Chie Hayakawa, Japan, ENBU Seminar
Our Blood, Max Chan, USA, 25', Hampshire College
*Oh Lucy!, Atsuko Hirayanagi, Singapore, NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia - SECOND PRIZE
Provincia, György Mór Kárpáti, Hungary, 21', University of Theatre and Film Arts
*Skunk, Annie Silverstein, USA, 16', The University of Texas at Austin - FIRST PRIZE
Soom (Breath), Kwon Hyun-ju, South Korea 33', Chung-Ang University
Stone Cars, Reinaldo Marcus Green, USA, 14', NYU Tisch School of the Arts
The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometer 375, Omar El Zohairy, Egypt, 18', High Cinema Institute Academy of Arts
*The Bigger Picture, Daisy Jacobs, UK, 7', National Film and Television School - (tie) THIRD PRIZE
The Visit, Inbar Horesh, Israel, 27', Minshar for Art, School and Center
Une Vie Radieuse (A Radiant Life), Meryll Hardt, France, Le Fresnoy

To check each Cinéfondation short film info, trailer, images, articles, etc. go here.

Short Films and Cinéfondation Jury
President: Abbas Kiarostami, director and screenwriter, Iran
Noémie Lvovsky, director, screenwriter and actress, France
Daniela Thomas, director and visual artist, Brazil
Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, director, Chad and France
Joachim Trier, director, Norway

About a week before the fest begins, organizers will publish info regarding each of the films and directors, still I looked around so know can start gathering info and this year will do it in Pinterest that accepts videos, articles, photos, etc. in one place.

Something very strange: this morning when doing the list there was one short in the Short Films competition that now that I'm looking for info noticed that "disappeared" from list in official site! Strange, but for a while will leave info here.

A Passo D'Uomo (Manhole), Giovanni Aloi, Italy, 14'

Alright the mystery is no more when organizers publish here the following:

"* The Italian film A PASSO D'UOMO by Giovanni ALOI was removed from the Short Films Competition because he has proved to break the regulation of this Selection."

So film is out of the selection.

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