Wednesday, April 02, 2014

46th Quinzaine des Réalisateurs News

Created by the Société des réalisateurs de films (French Directors Guild) in May 1969 to aid filmmakers and contribute to their discovery by the critics and audiences alike, this parallel section of the Cannes Festival surely will surprise us this year with their selection that surely will be announced after the fest selection is announced in April 17. But while we wait lets check what the section has been doing.

Recently the Directors' Fortnight unveiled their poster and according to Edouard Waintrop there are two diametrically opposed ways to consider the poster created by Michel Welfringer, based on a photograph by Cécile Burban.

"Either we are watching a spectator making good his escape by way of the screen...a clean getaway...Or else this man is slipping into a shadow world as it represented in a certain cinema of 2014, serie noire... if the word hadn't already been patented. We will be showing both kinds this year and you will decide which you prefer. In any case, as this poster suggests, the films we are showing will usher you into a filmic dimension which, we hope, continues to be bigger than life…"

For me the poster looks more like someone trying to get into cinema from an unconventional way, forcing himself inside or without paying (its dues?). Sigh.

Soon the Carrosse d'Or winner will be announced and some of you will recall that last year the award went to Jane Campion that this year is the Festival Main Competition Jury President.

The Cannes parallel section this year will run from May 15 to 25.

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