Tuesday, April 22, 2014

22nd L'ACID Selection

As every year there are nine (9) films in the selection and six (6) are first feature films; 10 filmmakers (5 female and 5 male) and two (2) films are documentaries. It is a very French selection this year, which I find quite strange as usually selection includes more films from other countries.

Just in case you do not recall, L'ACID is the Association du Cinéma Indépendant pour sa Diffusion, a film directors association that promotes diffusion of independent films in movie theaters and encourages debates between authors and audience for the last 22 years.

* Brooklyn, Pascal Tessaud, France
Cesta Ven, Petr Václav, Czech Republic
شلاط تونس Le Challat de Tunis, Ben Hania Kaouther, Tunisa, France, Canada, UAE
La Fille et le Fleuve, Aurélia Georges, France
* Mercuriales, Virgil Vernier, Farnce
* New Territories, Fabianny Deschamps, China and France
* Qui Vive, Marianne Tardieu, France
Les Règles du jeu (Rules of the Game), Claudine Bories and Patrice Chagnard, France (documentary)
* Spartacus & Cassandra, Ioanis Nuguet, France (documentary)

*1st film

To check info about each film go here.

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