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28th Teddy Awards Winners

As of this moment the awards are being announced and I'm updating post with winners as soon as organizers tweet the winner.

A Special Teddy Award for lifetime achievement goes to Elfie Mikesch, photographer and director of photography of films by Werner Schoeter, Rosa v. Praunheim and others.

No one is suprised when a gay interest film wins the top award this year as almost all films in competition were NOT lesbian interest, sigh.  Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho by Daniel Ribeiro is the big winner of this edition.

Winners are in *BLUE.  Winners will be at official site probably by tomorrow.

To my surprise today organizers announced the films that will compete to the most famous LGBT award and as every year there are more gay than lesbian interest films; but this year is truly pathetic as all except two films are with gay interest. Sigh.

Still there is one film that absolutely called my attention, Ye by Zhou Hao, as film description includes the following: "In his visually impressive, sensual debut film in which he also plays the leading role this 21-year-old director demonstrates all the poetic intensity of a Jean Genet in describing these three misfits’ mute search for intimacy." Awesome description that hope is accurate when finally I'm able to see film. Of course I'm looking forward to see Jalil Lepsert's Yves Saint Laurent that already was released in France with moderate box office success.

As we know, the Teddy Award is a "societal engaged political award, which is given to films and people, that communicate queer themes and content on a large scale and contribute with this to more tolerance, acceptance, solidarity and equality in society". The slogan of this year’s is Celebrate Queer Icons! an acclamation of the lives and works of gay men, lesbians, bisexual men and women, transgender, closet queens and raging queers. One Teddy goes to a feature film, another to a documentary and another one to a short film.

Award ceremony will be on February 14 at Komische Oper Berlin and on Saturday, February 15 at 11:25 pm Arte Television will broadcast the award ceremony in German; the French version will be on Sunday, February 16, at 00:05.

To check information about each film in English you have to search for each movie name in here or read the magazine below.

Feature Films
Praia do Futuro, Karim Aïnouz, Brazil and Germany (G)

Fieber (Fever), Elfi Mikesch, Luxembourg and Austria (L)
*Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho, Daniel Ribeiro, Brazil (G) Best Film Winner
Love is Strange, Ira Sachs, USA (G)
Papilio Buddha, Jayan Cherian, India
Quick Change, Eduardo Roy Jr., Philippines (T)
Test, Chris Mason Johnson, USA (G)
Unfriend, Joselito Altarejos, Phillipines, (G)
Viharsarok (Land of Storms), Ádám Császi, Hungary and Germany (G)
Ya Gan Bi Haeng (Night Flight), LeeSong Hee-il, South Korea (G)
Ye (The Night), Zhou Hao (G) - Must Be Seen!!
Yves Saint Laurent, Jalil Lepsert, France (G)

52 Tuesdays, Sophie Hyde, Australia (T)
Feriado (Holiday), Diego Araujo, Ecuador and Argentina (G)

Castanha, David Pretto, Brazil (T)
*Pierrot Lunaire, Bruce LaBruce, Germany and Canada (G) Special Jury Prize Winner

Perspektive Deutches Kino
Der Samurai, Till Kleinert, Germany (G)

Berlinale Classics
Caravagio, Derek Jarman, UK, 1986 (G)
Sebastiane, Derek Jarman, UK, 1976 (G)

The Dog, Allison Berg and Frank Keraudren, USA (T)
Felice chi è diverso (Happy to Be Different), Gianni Amelio, Italy (G)
Finding Vivian Maier, John Maloof and Charlie Siskel, USA (?) (Of Course is Must Be Seen)
Fucking Different XXY, several directors, Germany, (T)
*Der Kreis (The Circle), Stefan Haupt, Switzerland (G) Best Documentary Winner
Though a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and The Emergence Of A People, Thomas Allen Harris, USA (?)
Vulva 3.0, Claudia Richarz and Ulrike Zimmermann, Germany (?)

Short Films

Short Film Competition
As Rosas Brancas (The White Roses), Diogo Costa Amarante, 20' (?)

Ibhokhwe (The Goat), John Trengove, South Africa, 12' (G)
Tits, Alex Winckler, UK, 16' (G)
Vetrarmorgun (Winter Morning), Sakaris Stórá, Faroe Islands, 19' (L)

Mario Wirz, Rosa von Praunheim, Germany, 15' (G)

Bim, Bam, Boom, Las Luchas Morenas, Marie Losier, USA, Denmark and Mexico, 12' (L?)
*Mondial 2010, Roy Dib, Lebanon, 19' (G) Best Short Film Winner

Perspektive Deutsches Kino
El Carro Azul (The Blue Car), Valerie Heine, Germany, 20' (G?)

Check some trailers @MOC.

Teddy Award Jury
Martaen Rabarts, New Zealand
Ana David, Portugal
Andrew Murphy, Canada
Dave Kim, South Korea
Ellen Becht, Germany
Julian David Correa, Colombia
Lucia Kajankova, Czech Republic
Masha Godovannaya, Russia
Oscar Erikkson, Sweden

To read the complete press release go here but the below magazine is much better, available in German and English.

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