Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 9 - 2013 Berlinale

In the real final day of the Berlinale we prepare to start learning award winners which will take us to the awards ceremony tomorrow.  Surely will be back later with fest awards as they are announced.

Today some are praising "Harmony Lessons" by Emir Baigazin as "Hannibal by Haneke", which just sounds fantastic to me and makes me wish to see movie a bit more. Still think that story will not be easy to watch. Film has been highly praised and some consider film to be top contender for Golden Bear, so race could be between this movie and Gloria from Chile.


Elle s'en va (On my Way) by Emmanuelle Bercot
No need to say that film is must be seen for me because some of you already know that I watch everything with Catherine Deneuve. Imagine that the role written especially for Denevue will allow her to deliver another great performance; but if Emmanuelle Bercot's latest movie is as good as 2005 Backstage then my interest grows exponentially.  Film already has US distributor. Update:  Press conference starts incredibly funny with very dumb questions...

Nugu-ui Ttal-do Anin Haewon (Nobody's Daughter Haewon) by Hong Sangsoo
Alright I admit it, do not enjoy much his films but hope is always with me; first reactions to movie tend to be positive and some critics are calling film perhaps his best. Maybe will give film a try but I'm not rushing to see film.

Out of Competition

The Croods by Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders
Had NO idea that Emma Stone's voice is in this movie and really like her voice tone plus her skills; watching movie press conference and yes, now I'm interested in watching this animated movie.

Panorama and Forum
All films have been screened, we now wait for the winners; today is the screening of Forum's Caligari Award winner, while Sunday is when Panorama's winners will have their last screening.

Today at 7:30pm local time is the award ceremony.


Heiner Carow Award, which is presented to a feature film, documentary or film essay, went to Angela Christlieb's documentary Naked Opera. In addition writer-director Chris Kraus was named the winner of the Thomas Strittmatter Screenplay Award for the script to his next feature Die Blumen von gesten, is the second time he wins this award, previously he won with the fantastic script of Four Minutes.

Thursday evening, the 11th edition of the Berlinale Talent Campus, came to a successful close at the HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Headed by the theme "Some Like It Hot – Filmmakers as Entertainers", the six-day Campus offered a unique opportunity for 300 filmmakers from 96 countries to exchange with one another and benefit first-hand from the best of the industry. 150 renowned film experts from all over the world shared their knowledge in nearly 100 workshops, training sessions, lectures and panel discussions, imparting an invaluable wealth of practical experience to Campus participants.

Five Berlinale Shorts entries and Pia Maria's Layla Fourie mark today the end of the Berlinale goes Kiez series in Kino Neues Off Neukölln. For 7 days highlights of the Berlinale have been shown in seven of the almost 100 art house cinemas in Berlin and Potsdam.


Emma Stone

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