Monday, February 04, 2013

2013 Jussi Awards Winners

Last night was the award ceremony and Antti Jokinen's Purge ranked first by winning five awards; but top award went to Almost 18 by Maarit Lalli who got three awards in total. Winners are in *BLUE. To check winners in all categories go official site.

In the mood to watch Finish Cinema? If yes here are some suggestions from the best of 2012 that are honored by one of the oldest awards in Europe as the first Jussi Awards were given in 1944.

Purge and Naked Harbour got the most nominations 8 each, followed by Almost 18 with 6; so there you have three films that probably we can enjoy watching.

Awards ceremony will be on Sunday, February 3 and will be broadcasted live by Cable Factory MTV3.

Best Film
*Kohta 18 (Almost 18), Maarit Lalli
Miss Karkuu-Suomi, Matti Kinnunen
Niko 2: Lentäjäveljekset (Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure), Kari Juusonen and Jørgen Lerdam (Animation)
Puhdistus (Purge), Antti Jokinen
Vuosaari (Naked Harbour), Aku Louhimies

Best Director
Antti Jokinen for Puhdistus (Purge)
*Maarit Lalli for Kohta 18 (Almost 18)
Aku Louhimies for Vuosaari (Naked Harbour)

Best Leading Actress
*Laura Birn in Puhdistus (Purge)
Pamela Tola in Härmä (Once Upon a Time in the North)
Pamela Tola in Kaksi tarinaa rakkaudesta (Must Have Been Love)

Best Leading Actor
Samuli Edelmann in Tie pohjoiseen (Road North)
Vesa-Matti Loiri in Tie pohjoiseen (Road North)
*Eero Ritala in Kulman pojat (Fanatics)

To learn nominations in other film categories go here, available only in Finish.

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