Saturday, December 08, 2012

The Sapphires

Wayne Blair debut film is a very entertaining movie that looks and feels like old-fashion entertaining, when movies told good stories, had good production specs and were done with the purpose of entertaining audiences.

Co written by Keith Thompson and Tony Briggs, film is based on the award winning stage play by Briggs that tells about four Koori women who are discovered by an unlikely talent scout and form an all female singers group called The Sapphires that are hired to entertain troops in Vietnam during the war. The stage play was inspired by the true story of his mother and aunt.

Perhaps the best way to describe this movie is what some say about the play: "The Sapphires is not about the racist persecution of the 1960's. (...) Racist attitude were alive and well in Australia. There were limited work opportunities and that was one of the things that drove us to be entertainers." But the best description can be said with three words: "It's a celebration."

Indeed film shows us what is said in the above paragraph and perhaps racism is expanded beyond what the original play intend as film also makes parallels to 60's racism in America; but is not what movie is all about. Movie is about celebrating the life of four women that were briefly famous in the 60's and their story is told with great first-rate singing and choreography, some humor and not much drama.

This is an engaging, warm-hearten movie that sparkles energy and charm which surely will touch you while entertaining you; after watching you will have a great feel-good feeling that could uplift your moment, that is on top of singing along the great songs and dancing in your chair while watching.

Film was premiered in 2012 Cannes at the Midnight Screenings section and while traveling the fest circuit collected honors; but I believe that the festival circuit was a great promotion platform for a film that otherwise will have stayed in domestic Australia market to deprive us international viewers from a great old-fashion delightful mainstream movie.

I do recommend movie for one of those moments when you want to be entertained with a great mainstream movie that showcases great soul songs and will make you feel real-good.


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