Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Angels' Share

When Ken Loach does his particular kind of realism his films are not easy to watch especially when you consider the implications of what you are seeing. This film is no exception but what really surprises viewers familiar with director films is that movie is very funny! I was no exception. I really laugh hard with this movie and as some of you know, is not easy to make me laugh.

Humor has always been a great vehicle to portrait difficult matters but as we know humor is also a very personal matter. I believe that the kind of humor that Loach uses in this film is of the more universal kind that could appeal to wider audiences while still get the strong message about the bleak future that many young people currently face all over the world and especially in the so-called "First World" countries, those countries were young people used to have a future and now they don't.

Consider that I laughed hard even when know that surely didn't get most of the funny things happening with language as I am not Scottish and was impossible for me to get the many subtleties related to their culture and the use of language. This is one movie that wish could have seen with some Scottish friends that could -later- tell me more nuances about this great film. So if you have the opportunity to watch film with Scots around you I highly recommend you do it. Still, if you don't also know that movie could and will make you laugh enough to enjoy the ride and get the strong message.

Film tells the story of Robbie that barely escapes a prison sentence and goes to do some community service where he finds some pals that are all in a similar situation as himself. He and his small group of friends were given a last chance and you have no idea how well they take advantage of it. If I tell you more perhaps you could question the story plausibility but I can assure that while watching and after you will not as you have to remember that you are in the hands of a master filmmaker that plays with non-actor Paul Branningan (Robbie) extremely well as he also does with us viewers.

Actors performances are incredibly good and think that urban Scotland never looked so great as in this film that obviously has high production values; but is how Loach was able to almost perfectly assemble all the pieces what makes this film a very enjoyable ride. Can't help but tell you that perhaps this is the most mainstream Loach film but in this case I really do not mind as he made me laugh while highly enjoying the ride.

This 2012 Cannes in competition film is a must be seen movie from master storyteller and filmmaker Ken Loach, both to director's fans as well as to those that are not familiar with his movies as I know that after watching this film some will be interested in seeing his previous ones.


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