Saturday, July 07, 2012


I was in an entertainment mood so decided to watch this movie not knowing much about it but only because cast impressed me. Not even 10 minutes went by when I said: this is Fernando Meirelles! Gosh, I was right. See, Meirelles is not for entertainment purposes but surprise this film was entertaining me, so I relaxed and yes, surprise again, enjoyed the ride a lot more than any of Meirelles latest films.

Cast can't be better with great performances by Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Weisz, Jude Law, Moritz Bleibtreu, and Jame Debbouze just to name the ones I'm very familiar with; but lesser known (to me) actors were also good. Production specs are great, as I believe it didn't abuse much the split screen which was used during several moments in film. What was outstanding is the movie soundtrack that definitively is must-have for me.

Film tells a series of short stories that start in one point and of course (see movie name) end in the same point, meaning starts in Vienna and ends in Vienna; but travels to Slovakia, London, Paris, and Colorado (USA). In my opinion stories are all about taking decisions and nothing more as the way the movie is constructed there is no time (or need) to develop them further than the glimpses you'll be able to see.

The storytelling technique Meirelles used is complex to describe with words as stories are told in the roundelay style not sequentially but in order, meaning nothing goes back in time, always forward but not in order consequently we will see lots of bits and pieces of each story. In the end, you will get the whole story. It is said that is inspired in Arthur Schnitzler's La Ronde, but surely vaguely/freely and definitively this is not Max Ophüls' La Ronde as this film is primordially entertainment, and I say, quite good entertainment that will make you feel distress at certain moments, so don't relate Ophuls oeuvre to this film.

Think that movie perhaps is not for all audiences, especially after reading some reviews; my best reference is that if you enjoy to watch short films where you have not much time to learn much about characters but just to enjoy whatever is shown and you wish for an entertainment moment, then this film is for you.

Surely if I knew I was going to watch a Fernando Meirelles film I would have had expectations and surely film would not satisfy them as never imagined that a film by this director could be entertaining and nothing more. Still, my need for an entertainment moment was completely satisfied with this good film with great actors.


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