Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Un Monstre à Paris (A Monster in Paris)

With an entertaining story and great animation Bibo Bergeron movie is excellent for having a great escape moment, that's it if you enjoy animation from where has become the most cutting-edge animation in the world, France.

I was not lucky enough to see the film in its French version, so I missed the voices of Ludivine Sagnier and François Cluzet among other French actors and had to conform myself with the English version that included Vanessa Paradis doing the English version of her original French version of Lucille. I suggest that if you can watch the original version as always there is something "lost in translation". Nevertheless English version has Sean Lennon playing the singing voice of Francœur, which is a nice positive surprise.

Film tells the story of a "lovely" monster (a huge flea) that terrorizes 1910 Paris citizens and how Lucille, Emile and Raoul join forces to uncover the "real" monster in the story.

Film was nominated for Best Animated Film and Best Original Music at the 2012 César Awards and was screened in several film festivals where collected some honors. Was listening to the French original score and definitively sounds a lot better than the English version, perhaps I should watch movie again in French.

It's a feel good story and movie that will entertain younger and younger-at-heart audiences and as such I do recommend it.


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