Thursday, June 14, 2012

Entre Piernas

I wasn't going to write about this awful movie but then maybe I'll be doing a favor to many when I say that this movie is one to avoid, skip as is SO bad in every sense that yes, had to fast-forward just to see what happens with the lesbian interest story. Then film borders porn on the male/female sex and fantasy scenes plus lesbian scenes are obviously done for male audiences.

With absolutely horrendous acting, terrible script and terrible directing film tells a story that looks like the Mexican version of the mix of the plots of Imagine Me and You plus The Sex Monster , more the later than the first, but script even duplicated some situations of the first. The result is truly awful.

If you like lesbian interest movies and wish to see "everything" then the only way to see movie is to fast-forward to the two women moments as otherwise is impossible to endure the movie. By the way movie is available to watch for free -available only in Spanish-, so browse the net and you easily will find it.


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