Monday, March 12, 2012

14th Jutra Awards Winners

Last Saturday Québec Cinéma had the awards ceremony and here are the winners for some categories, to check winners in all categories go here. Winners are in *BLUE. Not surprisingly Monsieur Lazhar sweep the major awards and got seven of the nine categories where it was nominated.

Best Film
Coteau Rouge, André Forcier
Le Vendeur (The Salesman), Sébastien Pilote
*Monsieur Lazhar, Philippe Falardeau
Nuit #1, Anne Émond
Starbuck, Ken Scott

Best Director
Anne Émond for Nuit #1
*Philippe Falardeau for Monsieur Lazhar
Micheline Lanctôt for Pour L’Amour de Dieu
Ken Scott for Starbuck
Jean-Marc Vallée for Café de Flore

Best Actress
Céline Bonnier in Coteau Rouge
Catherine de Lean in Nuit #1
Julie LeBreton in Une Vie qui Commence
*Vanessa Paradis in Café de Flore
Madeleine Peloquin in Por L’Amour de Dieu

Best Actor
Fellag in Mosieur Lazhar
Patrick Huard in Starbuck
Charles-Antoine Perreault in Une Vie qui Commence
Mario Saint-Amand in Gerry
*Gilbert Sicotte in Le Vendeur

One or two films that really call my attention -from those I haven't seen or already know about them-. Looking forward to watch them.

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