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Day 8 at Cannes 2011

I’m starting to feel the “festival will be over soon” sad feeling, as there are only 4 days left. Sigh. Still looking forward to tomorrow when I hope to enjoy everything Almodovar for one day. Today I had the pleasure to celebrate Cannes with champagne and the great company of my photographer friend; so if something does not make sense, please blame the champagne, not me.

Main Competition

Two of my most awaited films. First Lars von Trier’s Melancholia that –of course- is must be seen for me because the director and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Photocall is full after all there are not many photo opportunities to catch von Trier with Kristen, Charlotte, John, Udo, and Stellan at the same time. Interview starts with Trier showing his very direct finger’s tattoo, think that Nordic directors are a blast as people too. Iterview has only Trier, Dunst and Gainsbourg. Sorry but turned volume off, questions are about movie story and if one movie I wish to learn nothing is this one; so I better stop interview. Trier’s movies tend to be controversial but when I see them, don’t find why they became controversial, so think will skip interview even if seems is fun as they’re laughing. Press conference starts with story questions, so sorry but won’t watch it. Could watch red carpet but it’s not there yet. Was true Charlotte is very pregnant, but she’s working, excellent! As expected headlines talk more about the controversy than anything else… gosh, every film is the same thing. Suggest skipping the buzz cloud and go directly to watch film. Period.

I’m reading the news and honestly, I’m really glad that decided to not watch Melancholia’s press conference, don’t want ANYTHING to ruin this movie for me. Controversy has become a hot topic in twitter and elsewhere but then, I’m all for watching his films and I don’t really care about his persona; somehow I tend to think that he’s also very Nordic, similar to Aki, but with a different humor style. Hate when media and people get into this non-cinema related controversies. Period.

Second a director I follow closely and her latest opus that from trailer looks a bit different, but really you can’t tell as is just one scene. I’m talking about Hanezu No Tsuki by Naomi Kawase that absolutely is must be seen for me. “Central role of the color red in her film” that’s surprising as is hard for me to imagine nature and color red… ah! wait will be hard. Skipped videos, don’t want to learn much about this film as really want film to surprise me, as always her films do. Watched red carpet which had not many photographers or people and camera wonders around without really finding focus… hmm, not many Japanese movie lovers at Cannes. So glad that most twitter comments are in Japanese, which of course, I don’t understand. So managed to finish movie coverage almost as virgin as when started writing about this movie; the only thing I learned I simply love it, the use of color red.

Out of Competition/Special Screenings

La Conquête (The Conquest) by Xavier Durringer about Nicolas Sarkozy that I’m not sure if want to watch, but probably will end up watching as this is not a documentary but a sort of film noir where “politicians kill each other with little phrases rather than with guns”. Then, any movie about the use of language immediately calls my attention.

From the newly branded Guest Country section that will happen from now on, Tamantashar Yom (18 days) by many directors. Egypt is the 2011 Guest Country. The collection is the vision of the January 25 Egyptian revolution as seen by Egyptian filmmakers. Could be interesting to watch.

Un Certain Regard

Three films. The first is must be seen for me as is Romanian cinema, Loverboy by Catalin Mitulescu; perhaps not as funny and outstanding as his debut film but yes, of course, I will watch it.

Second is Oslo, 31. August (Oslo, August 31st) by Joachim Trier that calls my attention as an exploration of the “Tiger City”, similar to how “Eric Rohmer explored Paris”.

The Murderer (The Yellow Sea) by Na Hong-jin ambitious action thriller that maybe is not the kind of movie for me even if it has very nice to watch visual compositions.

Cannes Classics

Three films. First the 1945 film Les Enfants du Paradis (Children of Paradise) by Marcel Carné a 3 hours 10 minutes film that in two parts; the first known as Le Boulevard du Crime (Boulevard of Crime) and the second L’homme blanc (The Man in White) but in Cannes today will be in one sitting. I don’t think I have seen this film but maybe now that’s restored will become available in DVD.

Second, a film presented in the framework of the tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo, Stavinsky by Alain Resnais that saw a long time ago.

Last, Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel by Alex Stapleton with the presence of Roger Corman. Not really interested in watching a documentary about the “father of modern cinema” as Corman is known not only because his large-scale successes with B movies, like for example The Little Shop of Horrors, but also for launching a number of now well-know directors like Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme, Francis Ford Coppola, and Ron Howard.

Cinéma de la Plage

Also as part of the tribute to Jean-Paul Belmond, Le Magnifique (The One Magnificient) by Philipe De Broca, not sure but I think I saw it too.


Today the first short film program with the following shorts:
Suu et Uchikawa by Nathanael Carton; L’Estate che non viene (Till Summer Comes) by Pasquale Marino; The Agony and Sweat of the Human Spirit by D. Jesse Damazo and Joe Bookman; and Salsipuedes by Mariano Luque.


Today two films. First is Blue Bird by Gust Van den Berghe that calls my attention because is a “blue movie” as is filmed in blue monochrome; haven’t been able to watch his previous film Baby Jesus of Flanders, but surely this director puzzles me and definitively calls my attention.

Second is Chatrak by Vimukthi Jayasundara. Another director that haven’t been able to watch his previous movies so wonder if I’m going to be able to watch this one.

Quinzaine Special Screenings
Also two films. The first is the documentary La Nuit, ells dansent by Isabelle Lavigne and Stéphane Thibault that absolutely calls my attention and hopefully will watch as is a Canadian production.

Second Koi no Tsumi by Sion Sono. I like this director that usually does strange long films, but recently watched his 4 hours opus and honestly, wasn’t easy to watch complete. Maybe this one that is only two and half hours will be more endurable. Sion Sono movies are must be seen for me.


Sauna on Moon by Zou Peng that I’m interested in watching as is another type of bordello story set in China. Also because cameraman is none other than Yu Lik-wai, Jia Zhangke’s cinematographer.

Palmares de Morelia: 4 short films; La Mina de Oro (The Gold Mine) by Jacques Bonnavent, Pokina by Beatriz Herrera, Busco Empleo (Looking for a Job) by Francisco Valle, and Carne que Recuerda (Flesh that Remembers) by Dalia Huerta Cano.
Reprisse of Program 2 – short films are the same as in Day 6.


Today Le Grand Tour (The Big Trip) by Jérôme le Maire preceeded by two short films: Encore Heureux by Ivan Calbérac and Christine by Gilles Porte. Also Mafouza 5 –Paraboles by Emmanuelle Demoris a documentary presented as special screening, as well as the American movie Putty Hill by Matthew Porterfield. Not particularly interested in watching any of these films.


Like if we don’t know it, UK press is going crazy today because they just found out that there is a Dog Palm given to the best dog in a festival movie. Lol!

Yes is true. Many claimed that up to yesterday the frontrunner is none other than Aki’s Le Havre… too early we still have to see what Almodovar brings to the Croissette and one of my very favorite directors has yet to screen his film that from trailers seem that (luckily for me) went back to his roots and his astonishing brilliant visual style.

Buying film news continues with Tribeca Films acquiring US distribution rights to a French movie! Amazing. I’m talking about Jean-Pierre Ameris’ Romantics Anonymous that I never heard about film and had no idea existed.

Today there was another The Beaver photocall, this time was Mel and Jodie together and there a hundreds of photographs circulating the net.

South Africa’s Skoonheid screened yesterday generated positive comments, one describes movie as a “powerful account of homosexuality”, if accurate, then surely we have in this film the most likely Queer Palm winner as also, was the only LGBT film that I really believe has the “good interest” since I started to learn about films in fest.

Not-So-Serious News

Yesterday gossip, Leonardo di Caprio getting cozy with Blake Lively at a very nice yatch. Yatch is spectacular! (lol!) All happening while Bar Refaeli looks amazing at The Beaver red carpet (BIG LOL!). If you don’t know some names, don’t worry you will miss absolutely nothing.

Today arriving to Cannes Elena Anaya and Pedro Almodovar, yay!!! Saw Pedro photos, so yes, he’s there!!! Yay! Saw Elena’s photos, she’s in Cannes as well as Marisa Paredes. Looking at those photos that won’t publish her because of the rights, but they’re great to watch.

Talking about photos that I see and can’t publish, there are some incredibly good photos of women that suggest to have very strong personality and doesn’t need to make “regular” fashion statements but they do, in a different way, a more attention grabber way, like for example Eva Cavalli.

Also in Cannes Milla Jovovich who attended La Conquete premiere, and yes, found the photo; the premiere had also in the red carpet a casual leather dressed Peter Fonda and Laeticia Casta, that since yesterday been looking for a good photo, hope to find it today.

Last night and tonight there are a lot of parties and photos so browse the net if you wish to do a “celebrity sighting” dancing, drinking and partying.

Today Photos

Melancholia cast and Charlotte with Dunst; next Milla in Cannes today; last Elena Anaya, no is not a Cannes photo –they will come tomorrow- but she looks nice.

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