Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hævnen (In a Better World)

A very good movie, extremely good indeed as while telling a not so extraordinary story, perhaps even told before, film becomes absolutely out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact have to conclude that film is perfect, yes there is perfection in this Susanne Bier’s carefully crafted movie as there is art, there is drama, there are outstanding performances by adult and children actors, there are magnificent visuals, absolutely amazing illumination, great indoor and outdoor framing and compositions, use of music to enhance the moment (yes I noticed music score), not many words –just the necessary- and a narrative that flows many times like a dream while little by little builds an intense tension that hurts inside and propels to feel many emotions. Exhausting, intense but very gratifying cinematic experience.

Took me a while but the Academy Award winner in the Best Foreign Language Film category absolutely deserves the honor even when I still have one movie to watch from the five nominated I’m positive that this has to be the best, as Bier’s oeuvre is so complete, so well-crafted that not often my eyes have the opportunity to watch such perfection. Truly, truly amazing.

Somehow I feel banality when telling what story is about, as summarizing plot doesn’t give you an idea of what this experience is all about; still will tell that is about school bulling, adult bulling, a boy with deep rage, and people from a very civilized society that at times their behavior seems fantasy, but is real; and there is a parallel story in Africa, a refugee camp with a big bully man. What you imagine, what you expect will not happen, as story will evolve so civilized that again seems fantasy, out of this world that surrounds us, like in a better world, that world that nowadays seems so foreign. Magnificent.

Absolutely must be seen and I just hope that everybody that has the privilege of watching this extraordinary oeuvre will experience all the emotions that crushed me but at the same time absolutely delighted me with an intense and complete cinematic experience. Chapeau Madame Bier. Bravo!!!


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