Friday, February 18, 2011

עיניים פקוחות Einayim Petukhoth (Eyes Wide Open)

Been waiting for a long while to watch this film and the wait was absolutely worth it as Haim Tabakman’s debut film, that was screened in the Un Certain Regard at 2009 Cannes, not only has an interesting exploration of strict religion beliefs and behaviors but also film has very good tech specs with many silences, slow pace and intriguing cinematography. Can’t say that was a surprise as film was exactly what I was expecting: a good movie that incidentally happens to totally belong to the gay interest genre.

Film tells the story of a married, father of four, respected kosher butcher and Orthodox Jewish, Aaron, who falls in love with a twenty two year old male Yeshiva student, Ezri. That’s the story on the surface as is a very good excuse to show not only the vision -and reality- of homosexuality in ultra-strict religions but also gives us a glimpse into a tight community life that not often we are allowed to watch in the big screen. I particularly was fascinated by the rituals shown by Aaron’s wife, rituals that truly seem so foreign and incomprehensible that totally puzzled me. But basically is the story of Aaron and how he became alive after being “dead” and probably that’s the reason why Ezri is a character that is under-developed in story, whilst giving more importance to a strict, religious, conservative man drama. Film has a very interesting story that in my opinion is above the sad love story or the expected strict behaviors against homosexuality.

Film is absolutely of gay interest but surely is not the regular film in genre as transcends it to become an art-ish film with a story that I’m sure will engage many that enjoy the lesbian interest genre and even those that don’t particularly care about any of the mentioned genres. I strongly recommend film for the good production values and the story as even if there are some love scenes they are very discrete and some even beautiful.


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