Sunday, February 06, 2011


Movie is not that good as has odd looking performances by Cher and Christina Aguilera with a story that has been seen many times (small-town girl goes to big city and saves… the world! Just kidding. lol!) and doesn’t bring anything new thanks to a very mediocre screenplay with amazingly bad dialogue. Terrible. BUT I simply LOVE it and is one movie that I know will watch many times fast-forwarding the talkie moments.

The elaborated numbers are FABULOUS!!! Movie is like watching a very long video clip like, for example, outstanding video clip Lady Marmalade that came as extra in Moulin Rouge DVD, which describes exactly what I was expecting from this movie and I got it, but honestly got a lot more than what expected as the dancing numbers were also great.

Probably have to explain that I’m a HUGE fan of old-style cabaret shows and old-style burlesque, which I have seen live as much as I can and of course saw Cabaret in Broadway. So the cabaret-like atmosphere in the Burlesque club was recreated almost to perfection, so good that I wish it was a real place and I could go immediately to watch show live. Saw Cabaret Broadway show with Alan Cumming in the lead and his only number in this film was so much like the B-show that was so exciting and brought memories back. Watching film was a great nostalgic experience but also a very today exciting experience while watching all the VERY elaborated music and song numbers.

If movie had a better written script with smart/sharp dialogue film would have been almost perfect, but when story took the screen became truly annoying and made you wish they stop talking to start dancing or singing. Only performance that I like was Stanley Tucci in a role that made me recall his performance in The Devil Wears Prada.

Don’t really understand why the Academy shut down the songs from this movie as the Cher-sung song is great and probably is better than the nominated ones, sigh.

If you like musical movies, music video clips, enjoy Cher and/or Christina Aguilera singing, and don’t mind films with very weak plot then this movie is must be seen for you.


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