Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Tourist

I knew that I will like this movie and I did. A lot more than what imagined as film feels and looks like those glorious movies from a long time ago; the ones like, for example, an old Hitchcock caper starring Cary Grant. Mentioned Grant but don’t think that Johnny is Cary Grant, no he isn’t and I’m so glad as Johnny Depp is Johnny Depp and gives to character his peculiar style that yes, made me smile and even laugh (once) but obviously film is NOT a comedy at all. Ah! the Golden Globes and their misleading (very dumb) classification.

But have to share that film also made me recall the early James Bond movies when Sean Connery was Bond, maybe helped a little that the Russian villain in this film also is the villain in a Bond movie; but also because The Tourist has the absurdly glamorous style of those Bond movies. I know you have to love your cinema to recall those movies and wonder if current audiences have lost the taste for glossy, sophisticated, gloriously improbable romp –escapist fun movies. Then The Tourist is really fun to watch as also there are twists and chases a-plenty while juggling old clichés with total confidence.

By the way film is a remake. Yes, a remake of a 2005 French movie called Anthony Zimmer with Yvan Attal and Sophie Marceau in the lead roles. Haven’t seen the original but surely will do as now I’m curious.

Surprise: I enjoyed Angelina Jolie performance! Lately haven’t enjoyed her but in here she’s the perfect match to Johnny. Most reviews by critics and viewers comment that there was no chemistry between them and surely was due to the fact that there was not to be chemistry between them as according to the plot Elise (Jolie) was using Frank (Depp) as a decoy and her love object is not Frank but Alexander Pearce. Don’t have to mention how much I enjoyed Johnny Depp in this movie and won’t deny the fact that I didn’t see Elise and Frank in the movie, I saw Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, which just adds to the fun as this is not a movie to take seriously but to enjoy as simple good old-fashion escapist entertainment.

So what’s story about? Basic plot revolves around a shy, unassuming American tourist (Depp) who is lured by an absurdly glamorous Englishwoman (Jolie) into a devilish web of dangerous intrigue with British police (Timothy Dalton and Paul Bettany) and Russian gangsters wrongly identifying him as an elusive criminal plus he’s being followed by a dark, handsome, mystery man (Rufus Sewell).

Who knew that Florian Henckel von Donnersmarkck, better known for directing great Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others), could do so well this nice entertaining movie? Not me, which is a big surprise as both movies are so different yet both very well-done, each in their own style. Don’t have to tell you -but I will- that production values are excellent and Venice looks unbelievable beautiful.

Maybe too early I guessed right what’s revealed at the end, but it just added to the fun while watching this glamorous movie that I do recommend to those that still remember good old-fashion films from a long gone era. Me, I’m glad that some filmmakers are daring to do today this type of films again.


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