Tuesday, January 18, 2011

L’Arnacoeur (Heartbreaker)

Really like Romain Duris performances so it was an easy decision to give this movie a try; was a positive surprise as for film being a French comedy (which I don’t particularly enjoy) it was not only very well-acted by good actors but also predictable romance story was entertaining. I even liked Vanessa Paradis stiff performance (not always like her performances) in a role that absolutely fits her acting skills.

Film tells about Alex Lippi (Duris) who with the help of his sister Mélanie (Julie Ferrier) and his brother-in-law Marc (François Damiens) works as a hired-had to break up undesired couplings; but he has his values and only breaks up couples that are not in love. Against his will and better judgment decides to take a job where the couple seems very in love, the reason: he’s deeply in debt and collectors will kill him if he doesn’t pay soon. So, Alex becomes the bodyguard of Juliette Van Der Becq (Paradis) a beautiful, wealthy and upper-class woman that her father doesn’t want her to marry her perfect British fiancé. The rest you can imagine it very easy but is not the destination what this film is all about is about the very enjoyable and entertaining journey.

Best part for me of story and movie was that Juliette favorite movie is Dirty Dancing and she likes George Michael! LOL! Pathetic but I do like both a lot.

This is the kind of movie that mainstream American cinema likes to remake, but never gets the remake as good as the original; won’t be surprised if eventually an American remake is released. This is not great French cinema is more normal mainstream cinema with a very French look and feel that will please those that enjoy romantic comedies even when they’re not familiar -or don’t enjoy- French/European cinema.

I do recommend film for one of those moments where you wish to see a light, funny and entertaining story in a film with top-notch production values and great sights of very good-looking Monaco.


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