Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The King’s Speech

Extremely well-crafted film by Tom Hooper that will satisfy you beyond any expectations you might have after the so-much buzz that has generated in this award season. As story is character driven extraordinary performances are a must and you have no idea how great performances are not only by Colin Firth but also by Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter and I should include performances by supporting cast like Derek Jacobi and Jennifer Ehle among others.

As probably we all know film tells the story of the man who became King George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth II. In my opinion film took some creative licenses to make film very entertaining, so much than after characters were introduced and story starts to develop film becomes mesmerizing; you can take away your eyes from the screen as you don’t want to miss a second from what’s happening. Very well-done movie with an excellent script from David Seidler, who had to wait 30 years to be able to write script as the Queen Mother gave her authorization to do it only after her death, according to what I read.

So film tells the story of the Duke of York who reluctantly assumes the throne; everyone –except his father- thinks that he’s unfit to be king due to his stammer that makes him unable to speak fluidly; as radio was recently commercially released, kings were not anymore only required to do public speaking but also do radio broadcasts, especially the Christmas speech instituted by his father. So after many failed attempts to help him speak without stuttering, he finally ends in the office of Lionel Logue, the man that will help him to speak more fluidly and deliver the radio speeches, especially the much important ones during WWII. It’s a compelling, uplifting and remarkable story that is hard to understand the reason why King George VI “disappeared” from history (against well-know figures of the same era) as well as why with or without proper authorization this story was not told before.

As a film is spectacular with the highest production values and great costumes plus care to details to successfully recreate those not-so-long-ago days; special mention to director Tom Hooper that is very hard to believe that this movie is only his big screen second feature film, as he has work mainly on TV

This is a film that I consider suited for general audiences who enjoy very satisfying movies that will entertain with a great-to-watch story, excellent production values and unforgettable performances.

There are many films that I watch only once, but I know that I will revisit film many times as I really liked story and magnificent performance by Colin Firth that now I know more than ever deserves the highest honor at Oscar, even when I still believe that last year the Oscar belonged to him too.

Big Enjoy!!!

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