Friday, December 17, 2010


I imagined that this film was going to be similar to Loving Annabelle as tells the story of a teacher and her student. You have NO idea how wrong I was as this has absolutely nothing to do with great -and why not?- classic Loving Annabelle. The only thing they had in common is the teacher and the student, the rest, meaning performances, story development, style, editing and production values in general are truly awful in this film.

Let me give you one non-spoiler hint to why story is so bad. In no more than five minutes after film starts -where is shown how teacher and student meet- they’re already in bed. Where are the seduction scenes? None existent, which makes story absolutely non-real and non-believable. Come on that’s not love or attraction, that’s a pick-up!

Another hint why film is so bad. What follows in the rest of the time are isolated scenes with jumpy transitions, story holes that later director, screenplay writer and editor Fernanda Cardoso tries to fill with dialogue. Yes this film is like confetti as what’s worst in film is editing that didn’t allowed story fluidity. This is the worst editing that have seen in years, believe me and if you don’t believe me just let me share that when characters start to make love and are full-dressed scenes fade out, meaning no love (or sex) scenes in this film.

Nevertheless I watched completely as I got this crazy idea that story was inspired by inside information about the life of Lindsay Lohan. LOL! Of course is not, but there are some obvious similarities. Anyway after the finale where they split I was so glad that film was over and was going to be able to tell you that if you skip this movie, you will not be missing absolutely anything.


Watch trailer @MOC (be aware that film in trailer looks better than what really is)

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